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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Love after Death
Love after Death
Half past Eleven: A number of people have mysteriously disappeared over the past several weeks. The disappearances do not appear to be related to any Shadow activity. The only strange occurrence has been the arrival of a traveling healer and his wife. The healer has been providing critical healing services to the local communities. The healer is actually very skilled and is taking a very major risk operating so openly. The Healer travels with his wife who very rarely speaks and stays in the Shadows.

Quarter to Midnight: The healer's wife is a Fell. The healer's wife fell ill to a very rare disease that the healer couldn't cure. She was the love of his life and he couldn't stand to be parted from her. He has kept her sane by traveling and identifying potential victims she can feed off of.

Midnight: The healer's wife does not outwardly appear to be a Fell. She is lucid and can speak. If you are in her presence for more than a few minutes, you can begin to sense something wrong and see the hunger in her eyes. She is dangerous and her high-level channeler husband will do anything to protect her.

Roleplaying opportunities: The healer does provide healing services that aren't available locally. Killing the healer and his wife without proof that she is Fell will hurt the party's reputation and possible ostracize the party from the local community/resistance leaders.

Author: Kane.

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