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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Saving the Spirit
Saving the Spirit
Half past Eleven: A major nature spirit was captured and corrupted by the Shadow and then released. The Spirit is causing major damage and allowing Shadow Forces easier access through the local area. The spirit has to be removed/restrained as soon as possible.

Quarter to the Witching Hour: A local Druid believes that the Spirit can be rehabilitated over time if the party can capture it. The Druid can provide a device to hold the Spirit once it is subdued.

Midnight: The Spirit has been enhanced by the Shadow and is extremely dangerous. Subduing the spirit is much more dangerous than killing it. Having been captured and tortured once, the Spirit will go berserk/rage when it realizes that the party is attempting to capture it. The party has to determine if the possible losses to the party in personnel and material is worth the cost of capturing and possibly rehabilitating the spirit.

Roleplaying opportunities: Ignoring the Druid's request will anger him and some of the older resistance leaders who had dealt with/respected the spirit before it was corrupted by the Shadow. Once rehabilitated, the spirit could be a powerful ally for the party in that region.

Author: Kane

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