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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  For the Children
For the Children
Half Past Eleven: The local resistance leader contacts the party and asks them to investigate an Orphanage. The Orphanage is one of a kind, caring for almost 200 children. The Orphanage has been left alone by the Shadow and has eased the burden on local families that can barely feed themselves.

Quarter to the Witching Hour: The head of the Orphanage genuinely cares or his children but has made a deal with the devil (Shadow). In return for leaving the orphanage alone and not raiding the attached farms, the head of the Orphanage and his senior staff hand over "difficult" children to the Shadow. Difficult in this sense means children who show potential at channeling or have stated a desire to fight the Shadow. The Orphanage staff also preys upon the local resistance, asking for help in caring for the children, but then selling out select resistance members to gain supplies/assistance from the local Shadow forces.

Midnight: The party has to manage the good of the many versus the good of the few. The Orphanage does provide support to a large number of children relieving a major burden from the local community. The Orphanage's actions also reduce the direct threat from the local Shadow forces. Finally, the number of children turned over the Shadow are only a very small percentage of the children at the Orphanage (1-3 a year). Killing the Director and the Senior staff will cause the Orphanage to collapse and leave almost 200 children without support. The local community couldn't absorb that many mouths needing to be fed and many children could die.

Role Playing Opportunities: The party may be able to cut a deal with the director to limit or stop the turnover of children to the Shadow. The party could also warn the local resistance about the Orphanage and limit resistance exposure. Some deal would have to remain to ensure the Shadow doesn't begin to ask why it isn't getting children or information out of the Orphanage.

Author: Kane

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