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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  The Cost of Reflection
The Cost of Reflection
Half Past Eleven: A unique opportunity arises to destroy an old dark mirror (zordrafin corith) in area considered to securely under the control of the Shadow. A senior member of the guard force has contacted the resistance and offered to provide access to the Temple to destroy the mirror. The Guard will be leaving the region in less than a week to accompany a Very Senior Legate to the Baden's Bluff.

Quarter to the Witching Hour: The Guard can only smuggle the party through the normal guards (Orcs/Legates), he can not get the party past the Guards in the Underground portion of the temple (See Breaking a Black Mirror).

Midnight: The Temple is located near the center of a large town. Destroying the mirror would cause widespread destruction and loss of life. Evacuating the local population is probably not possible and would definitely alert the local Shadow forces.

Roleplaying opportunities:
Is destruction of a major black mirror worth the lives of so many innocents. Are the party members willing to risk almost certain death to destroy the mirror? If by some miracle, a portion of the party survives, the disgruntled senior guard could provide additional assistance to the resistancce in Baden's Bluff.

Author: Unkown.

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