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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Unrelenting

Some heroes have a inner drive that pushes them forward through pain and difficulty. They able to pull off feats of planning and persistance that other mere mortals deemed impossible. Such people do not flag under durress, do not tire as normal people do, and seem to be able to constantly go beyond the limits set by others.

1. Unflagging Endurance (1 day)
2. Ignore Exposure
3. Command (1/day)
4. Focus (3->1)
5. +1 Con
6. Unflagging Endurance (2 days)
7. Command (2/day)
8. Unflagging Drive
9. Focus (2->1)
+2 Con
Unflagging Endurance (3 days)
12. Command (3/day)
13. Haste (1/day)
14. Focus (1->1)
15. +3 Con
16. Unflagging Endurance (4 days)
17. Haste (2/day)
18. Unflagging Drive (Greater)
19. Focus (Free)
20. +4 Con

Unflagging Endurance (Ex):Starting from 1st level, the character may act without any penalty for not having rested in the past 1 day, provided that at the end of the effect they add half of the skipped rest on to their next rest period (i.e. sleep 8+4=12 hours, trance 6 hours, etc). Characters still regain hit points, refill spell points, etc, as though they had slept a full 8 hours, regardless of the actual time spent sleeping (if any). At 6th, 11th, and 16th levels, this effect increases in duration by a full day (e.g. at 16th level, a character can go 4 days without rest, provided on the fifth, they rest for 24 hours [8 hours normal + half of skipped (8*4/2 = 16)]). Spell casters still need to prepare their spells as appropriate, but are not required to fulfill the 8 hour rest minimum.
Ignore Exposure (Su): Functions like the spell Endure Elements, but is effective continuously, and only effects the character.
Focus (Ex): At 4th level, the character may push their body to the limit of its endurance to focus on a particular action. The character may add a +1 to any action, attack or skill check, at the cost of 3 points of subdual damage. In addition, all concentration checks to perform this action succeed automatically, regardless of circumstances. A character may only add a total bonus equal to thier character level each day (e.g.: at 4th level, Rondingus can give himself up to a +4 each day, at a cost of 12 points of subdual damage). The bonus(es) can be divided up any way the character chooses (i.e. 4 +1 bonues, 2 +2 bonues, 1 +4 bonus, etc). At 9th level, the cost is reduced to 2 points of subdual damage for each +1 bonus. At 14th level, the cost is reduced to 1 point subdual points for each +1. Finally, at 19th level, the bonuses become free (no cost, though the character level limit still applies). (e.g.: Upon reaching 19th level, Rarth can give himself up to a +19 at no cost of subdual damage, to make sure he gets this grass infusion correct.)
Unflagging Drive (Su): At 8th level, the character may use this ability once per day as though it were the spell Freedom of Movement. For these purposes, the caster level of the spell is equal to the character level. At 18th, the character gains "Greater Unflagging Drive", which acts like the spell Freedom of Movement, except is effective continuously. Both of these abilities effect only the character (i.e. spell range of 'personal' only).

Author: Joe Masiero - "Pheros"

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