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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  The Enemy of my Enemy ?
The Enemy of my Enemy ?
Half Past Eleven: A large sub-tribal group of Orcs has left the Shadow's control after killing their Legates. The tribe has moved into an area that is normally ignored by the Shadow. Unfortunately, the area is also used by the resistance to rest and re-equip. The Orc group is doing some light raiding but has not done serious damage - yet.

Quarter to the Witching Hour:
Local leaders tell the party that they believe the region will suffer when the Shadow returns to punish their rebellious children. Shadow activity in the region would serious hamper the resistance.

Midnight: Attacking the Orcs will result in serious casualties for the local resistance and show the strength of the resistance in the area. Leaving the Orcs will ensure the Shadow comes to the region and destruction could be widespread. If the Shadow stays, the resistance will lose a very valuable base.

Roleplaying opportunities: Can the party convince/bribe the Orcs to leave the area before the Shadow arrives? The party could provide warning to the Orcs to improve their chances against the Shadow. An alternate solution would be for the party to pretend to be Shadow friends and provide information on the rebellious Orcs to the Shadow. Providing information on the Orcs would show the region's loyalty to the Shadow. The show of loyalty would reduce damage to the region and hopefully convince the Shadow that they did not need to station forces in the region.


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