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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Ghost of Victim's Past
Ghost of Victim's Past
Half Past Eleven - The party awakens to find themselves in the midst of an Orcish war camp. They can hear the sounds of someone being tortured in the distance and smell the vile stench of the cooking fires.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - None of the Orcs can see them. If they make their way to the men and women being tortured one of them will focus her eyes on them and say, "Avenge me," which the torturer will write off as the victim having delusions. They can have a short and painful conversation with the victim, now dead, whose grave they are camping over. This spirit has summoned them to the past in order to help avenge her death.

Midnight - They will be able to gain some helpful intelligence about the Legate moving across these lands and raiding despite the fact that the rival Legates in the area did not give him permission. They can choose to inform local Legates about this Shadow outlaw viking across these lands or use the information gathered through their ghostly proxy to take down this group themselves.

Author: Judd Karlman

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