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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Black Lion of Eris Aman
Black Lion of Eris Aman
Half Past Eleven - In a gorge near a waterfall an Orc encampment is guarding a tremendous cage. From a distance the players can see the Orc leaders prodding the caged creature.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - The Orcs have captured the Black Lion of Eris Aman (a Dire Lion). With a fair Notice roll the P.C.'s could pick up on the fact that the guards are watching the skies.

Midnight - The Orcs are waiting for the Manticore, a beast bred in Izrador's dark breeding pits. The beast plans to use the Black Lion to draw out others of the Dire Lion pride, in hopes of spreading his Shadow seed.

Author: Judd Karlman

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