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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Windwalker


In this age of oppression, only the wind is truly free. The Windwalker is the physical embodiment of this freedom. An elusive wind that blows swift and unhindered across the lands, turning into a deadly hurricane when the need for violence arises.

1. Blessings of the Wind +2
2. +1 dodge bonus to AC
3. Light Feet +5 ft.
4. Swift +2
5. +1 Dex
6. Black Wind
7. +2 dodge bonus to AC
8. Light Feet +10 ft.
9. Commune with Nature 1/day
10. +1 Wis
11. Blessings of the Wind +4
12. +3 dodge bonus to AC
13. Light Feet +15 ft.
14. Swift +4
15. +1 Dex
16. Gaseous Form 1/day
17. +4 dodge bonus to AC
18. Light Feet +20 ft.
19. Commune with Nature 2/day
20. +1 Wis

Blessings of the Wind: The Windwalker is light of foot and keen of ear, as the winds help her circumvent the dangers she encounter. The Windwalker gains the listed bonus on all Jump, Listen, Move Silently and Tumble checks. If environmental conditions are at least moderately windy, this bonus is increased by +1 at 1st level, and +2 at 11th.
Black Wind: Winds may be light and swift, but can also be powerful and violent, bringing about great destruction. When the Windwalker takes a charge action, she may move three times her base speed, and gains an additional +2 bonus on the attack roll.
Light Feet: The Windwalker is lighter on her feet than nearly any other. Her base speed increases by the listed amount. She also reduces the distance of any fall by this amount for the purposes of determining damage from falling.
Swift: Winds are fast, agile and elusive, and impossible to catch. The Windwalker gains the listed bonus as a bonus to Initiative, Reflex saving throws and Escape Artist checks.

Author: Bleak Knight

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