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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Foundling


Not all who wander are lost; not all who are found are saved.

While the Fell are regarded as a clear and present threat to the people of Eredane, the Lost are more enigmatic. Ephemeral creatures, the remains of the dead that linger in haunted and lonesome places across the land, not all are baneful to men and fey, but wise folk avoid them anyway. On some strange, unhallowed days, rare children are born who are not flly of the world of Aryth. Such children are called the Found; they are kin of the Lost somehow born into flesh, living ghosts. As they grow, Foundlings gradually lose their grip on the world of the living, becoming thinner, wispier, color and matter slowly leeching out of them. They gain abilities that mark them as being as much a part of the world of the dead as the living.

1. Eerie, Ghost Touch
2. Intangible Tread +2
3. Deflection +1
4. Ghostfall
5. Fading Away I, Become as Death
6. Intangible Tread +4
7. Ghostly Strike 1
8. Deflection +2
9. Lost One
10. Fading Away II
11. Intangible Tread +6
12. Ghostly Strike 2
13. Deflection +3
14. Invisibility 1/day
15. Fading Away III, Fear the Shadow
16. Intangible Tread +8
17. Ghostly Strike 3
18. Deflection +4
19. Breathless
20. Incorporeal

Eerie (Ex):
The foundling's appearance is pale and disconcerting , the first outwards signs of her fading from the material world. The foundling gains +4 to Intimidate checks and +2 to saves vs fear, but loses one point of Strength, which can never be restored.
Ghost Touch (Su):
Being nearly one of them herself, the foundling's attacks can threaten bodiless beings. Her attacks (unarmed, melee, ranged and magic) have a (level x 10)% chance to count as Ghost Touch. At 10th level, therefore, her attacks are always Ghost Touch.
Intangible Tread (Ex):
As the foundling starts to fade away, her footsteps become lighter, she becomes harder to follow, and foes wrestling with her might find she slips out of their grasp. The listed bonus applies to the foundling's Move Silently checks, check to avoid being grappled or escaping grapples, or tripped, and to the DC of tracking checks made against her. Also, her mass decreases by (bonus x 10)%.
Deflection (Su):
The foundling gains the listed bonus as a deflection bonus to AC, as attacks have a small chance to pass through her body, or at least do less damage.
Ghostfall (Su):
The foundling learns how to move her light body with the wind, reducing the damage from any fall by half.
Fading Away I (Ex):
The foundling grows thinner, wispier, and less real with each passing day. She gains +4 to save vs fear and poison and disease, but loses another point of Strength.
Become as Death (Ex):
The foundling detects as both dead and alive by magical means.
Ghostly Strike (Su):
The foundling's attacks are more likely to penetrate mere physical armour. She reduces the armour and/or natural armour bonus of her victims by the listed amount when determining if she hits with an unarmed or melee attack.
Lost One (Ex):
As time goes on, the foundling's weirdness becomes so clear that it cannot be ignored. Material creatures reactions are shifted down one category (e.g. friendly to neutral), while those of incorporeal creatures are shifted up one category (e.g. hostile to unfriendly).
Fading Away II (Ex):
The founding loses another point of Strength, but her save bonuses increase to: +6 vs fear, poison and disease, death magic and massive damage.
Fading Away III (Ex): The founding loses another point of Strength, but her save bonuses increase to: +8 vs fear, poison and disease , death magic, massive damage and energy drain.
Fear the Shadow (Ex):
The foundling counts as an undead creature with double her HD for the purposes of turning or rebuking, to which she becomes vulnerable.
Breathless (Ex):
As the penultimate step of her annihilosis, the foundling stops breathing.
Incorporeal (Ex):
The foundling's last hold on the flesh fails, and she becomes as the Lost. She gains the Incorporeal subtype and all of its advantages and drawbacks. She loses the following Path abilities: Ghost Touch (she can no longer influence the physical world, but can affect other incorporeal beings normally), Intangible Tread (she is utterly weightless and silent), Ghostfall (she takes no damage from falls), Ghostly Strike and Breathless.

Author: Dirigible

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