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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Woodborn


While the naturefriend embraces the forest, the woodborn becomes the forest. The woodborn feels most at home in the deep forests, from Highwood to the Forest of the Sahi, but all, in someway, have their spiritual home in Erethor. She is kindred to dryads and treants, and feels sap running through her veins and the sunlight on the bark of her skin. The woodborn spreads her branches wide, and vows to defend the arboreal realms from fire and axe.

1. Forestbond, Flamefear
2. Woodsfriend
3. Rooted to the spot
4. Barkskin 1/day
5. Speak with plants 1/day
6. Barkskin 2/day
7. Wood shape 1/day
8. Barkskin 3/day
9. Tree shape 1/day
10. Barkskin 4/day
11. Quench 1/day
12. Plant growth 1/day
13. Forest's endurance
14. Command plants 1/day
15. Speak with plants 2/day
16. Wall of thorns 1/day
17. Tree stride 1/day
18. Ironwood 1/day
19. Liveoak 1/day
20. One with the woods

Forestbond (Su): Knowledge (nature) is always a class skill for the woodborn, and she gets +2 on skill checks related to knowledge about plants or forests.
Woodsfriend (Su): As the naturefriend ability.
Flamefear (Ex): Always in sympathy with the trees around her, the woodborn suffers -2 to all saves vs fire.
Rooted to the Spot (Ex): The woodborn's firm grip on the earth below grants her the benefits of Stability, as a dwarf.
Barkskin (Sp):
The woodborn's link with her trees lets her borrow their strong and blade-resistant bark in place of her weak skin. As the druid spell, but self only. Additionally, the cap on the maximum bonus the spell can grant is raised from +5 to +7.
Forests Endurance:
The woodborn gets Endurance or Great Fortitude as a bonus feat.
One With the Woods (Ex):
The woodborn's type changes to plant. She no longer needs to eat, sleep, or breath, and is not affected by spells that target humanoids.

Author: Dirigible

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