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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Jann


Long ago, the great kalif of the Sarcosan empire made a pact with the djinn lords of the Eaglesky mountains. These mighty beings of air and magic had been trapped on Aryth since the sundering, but with their genial, almost-human natures they did not find it too confining. With great treasures, works of art and skilled performers, the kalif won the favour of a decadent djinni. Over time, a few humans and djinni intermarried, and a faint trickle of their power runs through the veins of a few Sarcosan families.

Jann, the inheritors of this power, are easy to recognise. They tend to have a slight gold or copper tone to their flesh, and hair and eyes the colour and lustre of polished gems. They are flamboyant and daring, much in love with the pleasure of life, from magic and gold to wine, pulchritudinous company and song. Only Erenlanders and Sarcosans can be jann.

1. Djinn friend
2. Endure Elements 1/day
3. Little Wish (0-level) 1/day
4. Power of Magic
5. Elemental Tongue
6. Little Wish (0-level) 2/day
7. Power of Magic
8. Elemental Tongue
9. Wind Wall 1/day
10. Power of Magic
11. Little Wish (1st-level) 1/day
12. Elemental Tongue
13. Power of Magic
14. Little Wish (1st-level) 2/day
15. Elemental Tongue
16. Power of Magic
17. Invisibility 1/day
18. Wind Walk 1/day
19. Power of Magic
20. Whirlwind 1/day

Djinn Friend (Ex):
The jann is regarded as a favoured child by genies, and to an extent all creatures of the air. She gains +4 to all Cha-based skill checks with genies, and +2 with Air subtyped creatures.
Little Wish (Sp):
Djinni are capable of wielding the most powerful of sorceries with great ease. The jann can use a weak shadow of this power, calling up the effect of any 0-level (or later, 1st level) spell she desires.
Power of Magic (Sp):
The jann has the potential for awesome physical and mental gifts, which she can gain by tapping into her genie ancestry. Each time the Power of Magic ability is gained, the Jann may choose one of the following spells: Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendour, Fox's Cunning, Owl's Wisdom. She may then cast that spell once per day as a spell-like ability. She may not choose the same spell more than once.
Elemental Tongue (Ex):
Each time this ability is gained, the jann learns one of the Sundered Tongues of the elementals.
Whirlwind (Su):
As the djinn ability.

Author: Dirigible

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