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New Familliar for Channeler Characters.


Spirit of the Northern Court 


Skills: Knowledge: Spirit World +15, Knowledge: Shadow +6, Knowledge: Geography +15

Organization: Member of a Spirit Court


Sloan is one of  the spirits of Eredane entrapped in the twilight world. Being a member of a sprit court defines his nature: 

North Court - LE

South Court - LG

West Court - CG

East Court - CE


Observation: This being has no manifestation in physical world. He exists only as a voice in the channeler's head. Sloan makes use of his master senses to navigate through the real world.



As Sloans have no physical body, they cannot interact with the world of the living. However, in line of level progression, this familiar may develop abilities that work beyond the barrier.


Mystical Pact: Upon summoning, sloan and his master arrange a pact that takes a form of physical imprint. Mystical signs of twilight speech appear on the summoner's skin and stay there as scars till the pact is resolved. The scars heal with time, but on some occasions they might appear when dealing with great power, reaching the limit of sorcerer's power reserves or any other dramatic event.

Talk with master: 
Sloan and his master share a telepathic bond that makes the spirit aware of his master thoughts and commands. This contact may be severed by the master at will, although some believe that a clever sloan may find a way to overcome this action.

Mind's Eye: 
Using his master's senses, sloan may now observe the world duplicating any Spot, Search and Listen check made by his master. If successful, sloan may inform his master about observations within the vicinity, he overlooked.


Siphon Power: As the bond between sloan and his master takes a stronger grip on physical world, sloan is now able to steal Magical Power from his enemies and channel it to his master, granting him temporary power points for use. The victim of Siphon Power must make a successful Will save (DC 10 + Channeler level + Arcane Attribute Modifier) to resist this power. If successful, the enemy fully resists the power and each time he does, he gains +2 bonus to further Will saves against sloan actions. If the Will save fails, sloan successfully channels 1 point of power (2 points on 10th level and 3 points on 15th level) from his victim to his master, for use till the end of the day.


Power Reservoir: Grants sloan the ability to store magical power as the ability granted via Power Reservoir feat (Sorcery and Shadow SB).


Spell Eater: Sloan can now feed on the energy of spells that are active over unguarded objects or areas thus rendering them useless as via the spell Dispel Magic. Sloan must first be aware of the existence of the spell. You make a dispel check (1d20 + your caster level, maximum +10). The DC for dispel check is 11 + the spell's caster level. If you succeed on this check, that spell is eaten; if you fail, that spell remains in effect and sloan looses that use of the Spell Eater power for the day.


Life to Power: Sloan is now able to drain life from willing targets and converge it to raw magical power. This process is very ineffective and it takes two points of constitution to receive one point of power. Constitution damage is temporary and it cannot be restored via magical means.


Hekatomb: This devastating ability is a manifestation of sloan's power thinning the barrier between two worlds. Sloan is so close to reality, it can reach out through the channeler's mind and devour all life energy from chosen enemies. Up to 3d10HD chosen targets within 50 yards must perform a successful Fortitude save against DC = 27 or they will be killed instantly. Creatures with fewer HD are affected before creatures with more HD. The amount of energy that is pulled to the Twilight through the channeler's mind is so enormous, it requires great strength of character and constitution. During the Hekatomb the channeler receives 2d6 of temporary Constitution damage that cannot be healed via magical means.


Spell Devour: Sloan is now able to devour magical effects that are in casting or about to reach his master. Every spell with non area denominator can be instantly eaten by the sloan. If the spell has any visual effect, like the lightning spell, it simply looks as if the spell was dissolved on the channeler's body. Spell Devour negates all the spell's effect and can be performed once per day.


Free Will: Sloan is no longer bound to his master, all role playing effects of Mystical Pact are dissolved and the Magical Imprint on channeler's body disappear. Every sin and virtue of up till now cooperation between the sloan and his master now come to conclusion. Will the being destroy his master or will it stay loyal? Causality at its best.


Master's Level



Talk with master, Mystical Pact




Mind's Eye




Siphon Power 1




Power Reservoir




Spell Eater 1/day


Siphon Power 2




Spell Eater 2/day




Spell Eater 3/day


Life to Power, Siphon Power 3


Spell Eater 4/day




Spell Eater 5/day


Spell Devour


Free Will

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