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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Traveler


The Shadow seeks to lock the great roads that once allowed unobstructed journeys across Eredane. After all, a foe that is trapped is one half beaten. The traveler is a hero born with the wanderlust and gifts to surmount these barriers, to wander the land as her heart sees fit, to show people that freedom is not entirely a thing of the past. They are frustrating foes for the Shadow, with their ability to slip from place to place all but unseen, and avoiding any barrier. Travelers tend to be cosmopolitan in their views and experiences, often knowing languages and trivia from all across Eredane.

1. Journeyman +2
2. Unfettered
3. Longstrider 1/day
4. Journeyman +4
5. Walk Untouched In Dark Lands +2
6. Longstrider 2/day
7. Journeyman +6
8. Improved Longstrider +5 ft.
9. Longstrider 3/day
10. Walk Untouched In Dark Lands +4
11. Journeyman (+8), tireless
12. Longstrider 4/day
13. Pass without trace 1/day
14. Improved Longstrider +10 ft.
15. Walk Untouched In Dark Lands +6
16. Find the Path 1/day
17. Word of Recall1/week
18. Journeyman (+10), sleepwalker
19. Pass without trace 2/day
20. Walk Untouched In Dark Lands +8

Journeyman (Ex):
The traveler is capable of going a great distance before weariness overtakes her. The Journeyman bonus is added to the number of hours the character can Forced March or Hustle before suffering penalties. Thus, a 1st level traveler can walk for 10 hours per day without difficulty, and hustle for three.
At 11th level, walking no longer tires the traveler. She still needs to sleep, however; though she could walk for 18 hours per day, sleeping the other eight. She can also hustle for eight hours more than normal without suffering any penalties.
At 18th level, the traveler can rest while upright and moving, her eyes half open. She may not do anything except walk while traveling in this manner, and she suffers -5 to Spot and Listen checks (rather than the usual -10 to Listen and inability to Spot). This is not quite as restful as sleeping curled up on the ground or in a bed; she only heals half as quickly as normal, and it takes twice as long to refresh spell points and spell damage.
Unfettered (Su):
The traveler is used to her enemies trying to bind her and fill her way with obstacles, so she becomes able to avoid them with great ease. For a number of rounds per day equal to half her character level, she may act as if under the effect of a freedom of movement spell, as the Chanceborn ability.
Longstrider (Sp):
The traveler can magically increase her pace, and share this ability with those around her. This spell-like ability functions as per the longstrider spell, except that it has a range of touch.
At 8th and 14thlevel, those under the benefit of the traveler's longstrider find their movement increased by an extra 5 ft, for a total movement of 15 ft and 20 ft, respectively.
Walk Untouched In Dark Lands (Ex):
The traveler has a natural talent for evading, avoiding and deceiving the garrisons and roadblocks of orcs and legates that watch the highways of Eredane. She gains the listed bonus to Bluff, Forgery, Hide, Move Silently and Survival checks made for this purpose.
Word of Recall (Sp):
At her journey's end, the traveler has a knack for getting home again. She may use an effect similar to Word of Recall, with the following changes: the 'sanctuary' must be a Power Nexus, and the transported characters are not teleported. Instead, they turn to air, temporarily becoming elemental creatures, and move back towards the designated site at 500 miles per hour. They must avoid the magic drain areas of black mirrors, but are not otherwise in danger, unless the GM wishes to stage an encounter with an angry air elemental.

Author: Dirigible

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