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18 Jul 2007 - Glen of Norana
Glen of Norana

Named after the fey Elder who, millennia ago, had tamed the raw energy of this place of primordial power, bent it to her will and made it usable to all the Fey. Around the glen, the forest is dense enough that movement is slowed and visibility extremely limited. Some hundred yards deeper is the preternaturally still pond in the center of the Glen, with waters so pure that those who carry not the Fey gift of sorcery would be burned by the power of the magic that permeated it should they touch it.

To the west of the pond is a small hill networked with caves, the home of the Great Bear of the Glen - a mythical creature bear in name and shape only, for those who see it say with a straight face that it stands three times the height of a normal bear if it stands an inch, with unnatural ridges and protrusions about the muzzle and shoulders that could only be a result of its prolonged exposure to the Glen. It is well known for attacking any who approach who are not themselves Fey or under the protection of one of the Elves, with speed and surprise.

South of the pond is the Place of Crafting - a series of workstations that enable the Fey to build all manner of magically endowed weaponry, armor, and more mundane gear as well. The Elves say that any such item created and enchanted here bears a greater power than the crafter alone could have accounted for.

East of the wondrous Glen lay the Alter of Norana's Dirge, an ancient stone tablet from before the First Age Of Men, upon which Norana had allowed her circle of sorcerers to sacrifice her for the purposes of empowering a terrible ritual. That potent magic is what tamed this Elder Fey place for future use by the Fey - mere decades before Izrador's first thrust to the south, by happy coincidence. The Glen of Norana holds her name to this day, for those who know how to find it.

Casting a Spell

Those casting spells of a healing, crafting (enchanting, creating) or druidic nature gain the benefits of the Glenn, which automatically Maximizes such spells, and empowers the enchanter as though s/he were 1 level higher than they actually are. Thus, the glen is used occasionally by the most masterful of Elven crafters in the commission of creating covenant items for those their Queen most favors, or for healing such people when gravely injured.

In all other ways, this Elven Sanctuary follows the theme and format given in Smeagol's Elven Sanctuaries article.

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