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07 Jul 2007 - Embave Aranthi Seed
The Embave Aranthi

The embave aranthi is a bush produced through druidic enchantments and selective reproduction by the elves of the Caraheen.  Commonly used by elves on patrol throughout the forest, the bush provides a good hiding place, nourishment, and a comfortable place to sleep.  With its large and unusual leaves, strikingly attractive flowers, and other strange properties the embave aranthi is a recognizable symbol of a land under elven stewardship for those familiar with the plant.  Its rapid growth and short lifespan is due to its origin being from a magical seed.  A single embave aranthi seed reemerges from a fully-grown bush in a short time.  It grows from the bottom of one of the tree's goulay fruits and appears slender, about as long as a handsbreadth, in an orange shell with an almost metallic sheen.

Embave Aranthi Seed: This magic item is the actual seed grown from an embave aranthi bush.  It is not a magical bush, but the seed from which it grows is.
When this seed is planted in firm, moist soil it grows extremely rapidly. In roughly one half hour this large bush spreads out in a 5-ft. radius from the location of the seed, growing into a juvenile embave aranthi. The unusual growth of the embave aranthi requires only two things: soil for the seed and enough space for the bush to grow.  A flowerpot provides enough soil for the seed to grow, however if the roots of the bush are not able to sink themselves into good soil, the bush will not continue to live once it reaches adulthood (likewise if the bush does not receive sunlight or water).

The seed is lost once it grows into a bush, however a replacement seed may be harvested from the bush.

Faint transmutation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, goodberry, plant growth, creator must have 5 ranks in the Knowledge (nature) skill; Price 13,500 gp.

Embave Aranthi Plants

The “Tent Bush”:  Within the branches of the juvenile embave aranthi a large open cavity is formed by the way the branches spread out from the short trunk and come together again at the top.  Across the base of this cavity is a bed of bark, pulled loose from the heart of the bush, stretched tightly.  This forms a firm but springy, level surface upon which velvety leaves create a comfortable mattress.  Within this cavity one Large-sized creature can sleep comfortably (or two Medium-sized creatures, or roughly five Small-sized creatures). 

The bush does not protect those inside from the elements (but it does stay dry in moderate rainfall) or from being heard from outside the bush, but it does provide an excellent hiding place.  Few know that a juvenile embave aranthi has enough room inside to hide someone and so assume it is merely a bush.  Those familiar with the unusual plant or those who succeed on a DC 30 Knowledge (nature), Lorebook, or Knowledge (local – Caraheen) check will know enough to check inside of a juvenile embave aranthi.  Though it is easy to push the branches of the bush apart and look inside, creatures hiding inside an embave aranthi have total concealment from the outside.  However since it is still possible to detect movement through the tiny gaps between the leaves this grants bonuses to Hide similar to being invisible.

Flowers:   The leaves are wide and velvety, and the bush is spotted with many beautiful, pale-colored aranthi flowers, as well as innumerable small violet blossoms.  These flowers are very sweet-smelling and work to purify the air, providing breathable air within 10 feet of the bush, and providing a +2 circumstance bonus to resist inhaled toxins within 5 feet of the bush.  The flowers also repel mundane vermin, keeping the bush free from insects as long as the flowers remain on the bush. 

The aranthi flowers are prized by herbalists.  The bush produces enough flowers each day for 1d3+1 doses of an herbal concoction.  Some herbalists mix these flowers with other herbs to produce different effects, but most often they are used alone to make infused oils that provide a bonus against poison, gnaw roots that improve Constitution, and salves that remove poisons or diseases.  The roots of the juvenile embave aranthi make good material for gnaw roots.

Fruit:   Each day 2d4 small blossoms produce a large, pear-shaped accessory fruit called a goulay.  This goulay fruit will keep for many weeks, and once eaten the fruit will satisfy a Medium-sized creature as if it were a meal.  The fruit can instead be juiced, yielding a wineskin (a quarter gallon) of goulay juice for every 6 fruit.  A DC 15 Survival or Search check is required to find the fruit, which grow only in the shade of the outer leaves.

Reproduction:   Roughly 8 hours after the bush is fully grown, a new magic embave aranthi seed forms on the under-side of a stunted goulay fruit.  This seed may be removed at any time, but if left alone it will drop from the bush in 3d4 days.  For those who know to look for the seed, a DC 20 Search or Survival check is required to find it within the leaves of the bush, or if it has fallen to the ground the DC lowers to 18. 

Once the seed is no longer connected to the bush, the plant transitions into adulthood – the loose bark in the heart of the bush dries and breaks and new branches fill the cavity, and the aranthi flowers wilt and are not replaced.  The adult embave aranthi looks just like any other mundane bush, and has a life span of only 6d4 months.

It is common to see the adult or dead embave aranthi bush in the Caraheen being used as a nest for woodland animals and insects.  However, these plants are very rare elsewhere, as there is only a small number of embave aranthi seeds and most are held by the Caransil. 

Knowledge of the Embave Aranthi

The following table shows the result of Knowledge (nature) checks as relating to the embave aranthi.  Knowledge (local – Caraheen) or a Lorebook check may return similar results.  Knowledge (arcana) might reveal the same information, but the check DCs are always 10 higher.  Most information about the embave aranthi can be gained from Caransil elves, especially those who practice the druidic traditions.

Knowledge (nature)
DC      Result
20 It is most likely that this bush is native to the Caraheen.
25 This bush is an embave aranthi. These are aranthi flowers (if they are present) and can be used for herbalism, as can the roots.
30 The juvenile embave aranthi can be used as a good hiding and resting place, and the flowers it produces while young make herbal concoctions that protect from poison and disease.  The bush does not have a long life span.  While flowering the bush produces goulay fruit.
35 While still on the bush, the aranthi flowers purify the air. The goulay will keep for many weeks. The bush produces a single, magical seed, and when it is removed the bush transitions into adulthood which is when it ceases to produce flowers or fruit and the interior of the bush fills in.  The bush grows from the seed in about half an hour and a new seed is produced in about 8 hours.
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