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Against the Shadow  |  Mundane Items  |  Kagdatch & Warbow (Exotic)
Kagdatch & Warbow (Exotic)

New Exotic Weapons

Kagdatch: This weapon, whose name means 'little edge' in Orcish is not much more than a vardatch reduced to the size of a hefty short sword. Purestrain orcs disdain it, but graks find it suitable to their height.

  • One handed (Exotic): 1d8; 20/x2; slashing; 6lbs; 15gp.

Warbow: This wicked weapon is often used by graks, who enjoy being able to switch from melee to missile combat with ease. It is essentially a shortbow, but fitted with axe-like blades on the ends of the staff, facing forwards. It is a finessable double weapon.

  • Missile (Exotic): 1d6; 20/x3; 60ft; piercing; 7lbs; 100gp.
  • Melee (Exotic): Two handed double weapon; 1d4/1d4; 20/x2; slashing.
Author: Wil Upchurch

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