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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Risen Martyr
Risen Martyr

Risen Martyr

You awake surrounded by turned earth, broken weapons and decayed corpses. Your clothes are rotten and all around you lays evidence that you have been lying here for many arcs, if not longer, but you have no memory of who you are, where you are or why you are here. But you do know that there is a terrible sense of purpose burning in your heart: a desire to fight some evil you know only as the Shadow.

The Risen Martyr now exists only to fight the Shadow.


1. Spiritual Body I

2. Death Has Lost Its Sting +1

3. Terrible Sense of Purpose +1

4. Death Cannot Touch Me 1/day

5. +1 Con.

6. Spiritual Body II

7. Death Has Lost Its Sting +2

8. Terrible Sense of Purpose +2

9. Death Cannot Touch Me 2/day

10. +2 Con

11. Spiritual Body III

12. Death Has Lost Its Sting +3

13. Terrible Sense of Purpose +3

14. Death Cannot Touch Me 3/day

15. +3 Con

16. Spiritual Body IV

17. Death Has Lost Its Sting +4

18. Terrible Sense of Purpose +4

19. Death Cannot Touch Me 4/day

20. Lust for Life


Spiritual Body (Ex): The Risen Martyr’s body has been changed and has a 25% chance of ignoring a critical hit. This bonus increases to 50% at 6th level; 75% at 11th level, and upon reaching 17th level the Risen Martyr is immune to critical hits. A Risen Martyr never returns as a Fell nor can his body be turned into an undead by use of magic or the Create Spawn ability of certain undead.

Death Has Lost Its Sting (Su): At 2nd level the Risen Martyr gains a +1 bonus to Fortitude saving throws involving death effects, negative energy and ability drain or damage. This bonus increases by +1 upon reaching 7th, 12th, and 17th level.

Terrible Sense of Purpose (Ex): The Risen Martyr gains the listed bonus to Will saving throws and Concentration checks.

Death Cannot Touch Me (Sp): The Risen Martyr may cast death ward the listed number of times per with duration of one minute.

Lust for Life (Su): The risen martyr dies at -20 rather than -10 hit points and automatically succeeds at any stabilization check.


Secrets of this Heroic Path: The strange cosmology of Aryth occasionally produces characters like this. A person utterly devoted to the Shadow’s destruction dies and, somehow, a soul, whether his or another’s, enters his body and the body is alive once more albeit with no knowledge of its previous identity. Subtle changes to the body and its features means that those who once would have known the person whose body this originally was, do not although they may have a strange sense of knowing the person before.

Other Comments: This Path could be useful for those campaigns where you wish to start someone “cold”, particularly for those players who are too lazy to prepare a decent background or even read the background material beforehand.


Author: Derulbaskul

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