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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Twice-Born


It is said by some sages that history repeats itself, that what once was is destined to once again be, that we are no more than shadows of others who lived before us. The twice-born is one that is so attuned to her former existence that she unlocks memories and knowledge of her previous incarnation and, through it, rediscovers skills and powers lost to history. Throughout the history of Eredane, there have been a small number of men and fey that claimed to have the knowledge of past lives. These individuals went on to become great war-leaders, scholars, wizards, and even master thieves. It seems that the fate of the twice-born is to bob in the flow of history like a leaf in the stream, until she gathers enough strength to make her own current.

1. Unlock Memories

2. In Two Minds +1

3. Forgotten Tongues

4. Recall Talent

5. +1 Int, Wis or Cha

6. Unlock Memories

7. In Two Minds +2

8. Forgotten Tongues

9. Recall Talent

10. +1 Int, Wis or Cha

11. In Two Minds +3

12. Unlock Memories

13. Forgotten Tongues

14. Recall Talent

15. +1 Int, Wis or Cha

16. In Two Minds +4

17. Death Ward 1/day

18. Unlock Memories

19. Recall Talent

20. +1 Int, Wis or Cha

Unlock Memories: At 1st level, the twice-born has begun to assimilate some of what her earlier selves knew. She may choose any four skills; they become class skills for all her classes.

    At later levels, when she gains this ability, she may choose another skill to become a universal class skill, and she immediately gains four ranks in it (subject to the normal maximum). Any already extant ranks in the skill are not affected. At the GM's discretion, this may be left undecided when she levels up; the bonus can be saved for a miraculous revelation during play, such as a fighter discovering that she recalls the skills to pick a vital lock.

In Two Minds: The presence of the traces of a second soul in the twice-born's body can help protect her from insidious sorcery and fright. She has, after all, seen it all before. She gains the listed bonus to Will saves.

Forgotten Tongues: The twice-born gains 3 points to spend on learning (or rather, remembering) languages and/or literacy. At the GM's discretion, this can include forgotten, forbidden or restricted languages the twice-born knew in her past life. As with unlocked memories, this may be used as a discovery made in-game.

Recall Talent: The twice-born's mannerisms and habits start to take on an echo of her previous lives. She gains a bonus feat that one of her earlier incarnations might have had: this can be any Proficiency, one of the 'named skill bonus' feats (such as Acrobat, Alertness or Stealthy), Great Fortitude, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, Skill Focus, Spell Focus, Toughness or Weapon Focus.

    Other feats might be available, at the GM's discretion. The GM might also wish to consider allowing the character to take one background/regional feat as a bonus feat in this way - this is the only way a character can have two background/regional feats.

Ability Score Raise: The twice-born may not choose the same ability score to raise with this ability twice in a row.

Original concept: Kane (The Reborn)
Modified by: Dirigible

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