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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Reborn


Many Dornish and Dwarven clans believe that a particularly strong soul yearns for life and is reborn again and again. On the death of a particularly powerful leader, there are those who seek children born in the same arc of the leaderís death, seeking the return of his soul to the moral struggle. Some of these special children learn to tap the memories of their past lives to give them abilities far beyond what they could normally achieve.

1. Ageless Resolution +2

2. Past Voices

3. Lost Talent

4. Fast Learner

5. Unlock Memories

6. +1 Wis

7. Lost Talent

8. Ageless Resolution +4

9. Unlock Memories

10. Past Voices +4

11. Lost Talent

12. +2 Wis

13. Unlock Memories

14. Past Voices 1/day

15. Lost Talent

16. Ageless Resolution +6

17. Unlock Memories

18. +3 Wis

19. Lost Talent

20. Impervious Mind

Ageless Resolution: The many lives youíve lived have strengthened your soul. The Reborn gains +2 to Will saves at 1st level, +4 at 8th level, and +6 at 16th level.

Fast Learner: Memories of past lives make any task easier. All skills are considered class skills.

Impervious Mind: Your control of your mind and memories is unassailable. The Reborn is immune to all mind influencing spells.

Lost Talent: The barriers between the memories of your past lives are weakening and old abilities flow through your mind and body. Each time this ability is granted you gain one of the following feats; acrobat, agile, alertness, animal affinity, athletic, deceitful, deft hands, diligent, investigator, magical aptitude, negotiator, nimble fingers, persuasive, self-sufficient, skill focus, spell focus, stealthy, or weapon focus.

Past Voices: Your memories are filled with ideas and pictures in languages that are both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. At 2nd level, all languages are learned at Ĺ cost (e.g. for one skill point you get full literacy). At 10th level the Reborn gains a +4 to decipher scripts checks. At 14th level the Reborn gains the ability to converse as if he had cast a tongues spell once per day.

Unlock Memories: In the many lives your soul has existed it has taken diverse paths and experienced all that life has to give. Lost Talent gives the Reborn a temporary bonus to a skill of their choice. At 3rd level the Reborn receives +4 Wisdom bonus to any skill for a single skill test/day. At 7th level the bonus increases to 6 plus wisdom bonus and at 11th level 8 plus wisdom bonus. At 15th level the Reborn can use the ability twice per day and at 19th level three times per day. As an example, a 7th level Reborn with a +1 wisdom bonus needs to succeed at a use rope test or he will fall to his death. Searching his memories he gains the temporary benefit of a skill he had in a past life and receives +7 (6 + Wis bonus) to a single use rope check.

Author: Kane

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