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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Empath


The fey believe that the Lost Gods empowered the truest of their followers with the gift to reach beyond their own bodies and merge their thoughts and abilities with others. These rare individuals, called Empaths, could share thoughts, perform miraculous healing, and discern the worth and honesty of any man or fey with a single glance. Empaths were often advisors to the early Kings and may have contributed to the stories that these kings were sound of mind and body long beyond their allotted years. Over the ages, the Shadow has actively sought those with the gift of Empathy to use as interrogators and torturers.

1. Empathy +2

2. Empathic Bond

3. Heightened Healing I

4. Sense Thoughts 1/day

5. Empathy +4

6. Empathic Bond

7. Heightened Healing II

8. Sense Thoughts 2/day

9. Purge Venom

10. Empathy +6

11. See the Truth 1/day

12. Empathic Bond

13. Heightened Healing III

14. Purge Disease

15. Empathy +8

16. See the Truth 2/day

17. Empathic Bond

18. Minor Restoration

19. Defuse Damage

20. Share Thoughts

Empathy: The Empath can sense the emotions of the people around her. The Empath receives a +2 bonus to the skill Sense Motive at 1st level, +4 at 5th level, +6 at 10th level, and +8 at 15th level.

Empathic Bond: The Empath can attune her body with another and draw sickness from that individual into herself. The Empath can draw up to 5hp of damage/level from a single individual into her own body. For example, if the Empath takes 30 points of damage from another person, that damage is transferred to her and she losses 30 hit points. At 2nd level an Empath can only draw away normal damage, at 6th level she can draw away the affects of poison, at 12th level the affects of disease, and at 17th level natural (not spell induced) blindness/deafness. The Empath can use this ability once per day (+1 per Wis bonus).

Heightened Healing: The Empath can control and enhance her body’s natural healing processes. At 3rd level the Empath’s healing rate improves by 50%, at 7th level by 100%, and at 13th level by 200%.

Sense Thoughts: The Empath is so attuned to the emotions and people around her that she can reach out and sense their thoughts. The Empath can detect thoughts 1/day at 4th level and 2/day at 8th level.

Purge Venom: The Empath’s body adapts to fight the foul venoms that would destroy her. The Empath gains the ability to purge poison and its effects from her system. Poison damage is purged from her system after a number of hours equal to the DC of the poison (e.g. a poison with a DC of 16 would be purged from the Empath’s system in 16 hours).

See the Truth: With intense concentration the Empath can clearly tell when someone is lying. The Empath can discern lies 1/day at 11th level and 2/day at 16th level.

Purge Disease: The Empath’s body adapts to fight diseases that would destroy/debilitate her. The Empath gains the ability to purge natural (not supernatural) disease and its effects from her system. Disease is purged from her system after a number of hours equal to the DC of the disease (e.g. a disease with a DC of 16 would be purged from the Empath’s system in 16 hours).

Minor Restoration: The Empath’s healing powers have become so strong that she can restore her own sight/hearing. At 18th level the Empath can cure her own natural blindness/deafness in 2D20 days.

Defuse Damage: As the Empath draws damage into itself; its effects are greatly reduced. The Empath takes only 1/2 the damage they draw into themselves (e.g. if he Empath was drawing 30 points of damage from a wounded person, the Empath would take only 15 points of damage).

Share Thoughts: The Empath ability to read thoughts becomes so strong; she can reach directly into another person’s thoughts. Once per day (+1 per Wisdom bonus), the Empath can reach into another person’s thoughts and read them as if she were reading a book. If the victim tries to oppose the Empath, they have to make a WIL save at DC25. The Empath must be in either physical contact or within 5’ of the individual whose thoughts she wants to enter.

Author: Kane

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