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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Demonbane


In the fetid jungle of Aruun, the haunted ruins of Cale, and the echoing, empty holdfasts in the Kaladrun Mountains, there are a chosen few born with the ability and the destiny to destroy demons. Some whisper that their abilities come from demonic blood that course through their veins; that they use the powers granted from their blood to hunt down their own kind. Whatever the origin of their abilities, they are a blessing to communities that live in fear.

1. Sense the Demonic 15’

2. Without Fear

3. Sense the Demonic 20’

4. Track the Spoor

5. Sense the Demonic 25’

6. Strike True

7. Sense the Demonic 30’

8. Indomitable Will

9. Sense the Demonic 35’

10. Instill Fear

11. Sense the Demonic 40’

12. Strike True

13. Sense the Demonic 45’

14. Indomitable Will

15. Sense the Demonic 50’

16. See True Form

17. Sense the Demonic 55’

18. Strike True

19. Sense the Demonic 60’

20. Living Bane

Indomitable Will: Years of experience hunting the demonic has hardened the Demonbane’s mind to their dark influence. The Demonbane receives a +4 to Will saves against demonic/evil outsider mental attacks at 8th level and +8 at 14th level.

Instill Fear: Demons/evil outsiders know that their death on Aryth is the end of their existence and see the Demonbane as their doom. Demons/evil outsiders must save (Will save at DC 5 + 1 per the Demonbane’s level) or suffer the affects of a fear spell (duration 1 round/level).

Living Bane: The Demonbane has become the scourge of the demonic able to use any weapon to inflict tremendous damage on the hated allies of the Dark God. The Demonbane becomes a living weapon against demons/evil outsiders. Any weapon he uses is considered a bane weapon when used against demons/evil outsiders.

See True Form: Years of hunting the demonic have sharpened the Demonbane’s mind and eyes, easily seeing through the tricks they use to hide their true forms. The Demonbane is immune to the illusions and transformations (alter self, mirror image, etc) cast by demons/evil outsiders and sees them in their true form; this includes Astirax.

Sense the Demonic: To a Demonbane, the presence of the demonic is like a foul stench that fills the air. The Demonbane can sense the presence of demons/evil outsiders; to include Astirax possessed animals, at 15 ft. The detection distance increases by 5 feet every other level. This is not an automatic ability and does require concentration. Using this ability requires a successful spot check (DC 10 + 1 per HD of the demon/evil outsider), which does not provoke an attack of opportunity. The Demonbane senses the presence of all demons/outsiders for which he exceeds the DC of the check.

Strike True: A Demonbane is born with the ability to find weakness in even the strongest demons. Demonbane strikes are especially lethal, ignoring DR5 of demons/evil outsiders at level 6, DR10 at level 12, and DR15 at level 18. The Demonbane is not limited in what type of weapon he uses (does not have to be silver or good aligned).

Track the Spoor: Through seemingly trackless jungle or rock-strewn ground, the Demonbane can follow the trail of the demonic that no others can see. The Demonbane can sense the spoor of demons/evil outsiders and track them as if he had the track feat.

Without Fear: A Demonbane does not fear his own death and will not allow fear to control his actions. The Demonbane is immune to fear generated by demons/evil outsiders.


Author: Kane

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