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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Dhampyre


Vampires. To the Dorns, they are the night wanderers. In parts of Erenland they speak of nosferatu or the restless bloodghouls, while the Sarcosans tell tales of hungry sheols walking in eternal hunger. In truth, vampires are very rare in Eredane, and most serve the Shadow as valued lieutenants or Night Princes. Some human and fey families, however, still carry the taint of vampirism in their veins, and it occasionally arises in a dhampyre, a mortal child with some curious abilities reflecting her heritage as a blood-drinking monster.

Dhampyre share little with their forebears: they are alive, visible in mirrors, unharmed by the sun and so on. And, most of all, they are disliked and hunted by their Shadow-sworn ancestors, who view them as a threat. This drives most dhampyre into the arms of the resistance.

1. Fangs, Staunch
2. Blooddrink
3. Obscuring Mist 1/day
4. Charm Animal 1/day
5. Ability score increase
6. Fangs
7. Charm Person 1/day
8. Exsanguinate 1/day
9. Unliving Toughness 1/day
10. Ability score increase
11. Dread fangs
12. Improved Blooddrink
13. Obscuring Mist 2/day
14. Charm Animal 2/day
15. Ability score increase
16. Gory fangs
17. Charm Person 2/day
18. Exsanguinate 2/day
19. Unliving Toughness 2/day
20. Ability score increase

Fangs (Ex):
The dhampyre gains the ability to grow fangs as a free action. She gains bite as a natural weapon. This deals d3 (medium) or d2 (small) damage, plus Str mod x0.5. However, as the faces of humanoids are not well designed for chewing on enemies, she suffers a -2 penalty to bite attack rolls. If used in a grapple, this -2 penalty does not apply.
Staunch (Su): The dhampyre has some measure of control over her blood, and can close bleeding wounds before they cause any extra damage. She gains +4 to saves against any spells or effects that specifically target her blood.
Blooddrink (Su):
Like her ancestors, the dhampyre gains sustenance from blood. If she makes a successful bite attack against a living human or fey, she heals one hit point per two hit points of damage inflicted.
Ability Score Increase:
At every 5th level, the dhampyre may raise her Str, Dex, Wis or Cha by one point. She may not choose the same ability score more than once.
Fangs (Ex):
The dhampyre's fangs can grow larger. Her natural weapon damage increases to d4 (medium) or d3 (small).
Exsanguinate (Su):
With a touch, the dhampyre can draw vital blood from her victims. This deals one point of damage per level, and the dhampyre gains a like amount of temporary hit points that vanish after one hour.
Unliving Toughness (Su):
The dhampyre can channel her ancestry to grant herself protection from many weapons. This ability grants her DR equal to her Con modifier, minimum of one; it lasts for one round per two levels. The DR can be penetrated by silver or piercing wooden weapons.
Dread Fangs (Ex):
The dhampyre's fangs grow longer and more savage. Her critical multiplier increases to x3.
Improved Blooddrink (Su):
The dhampyre metabolises blood more efficiently, gaining one hit points back per hit point of damage inflicted with her bite attack.
Gory Fangs (Ex):
With anticoagulant saliva, the dhampyre can now cause persistent haemorrhaging in her victims. Her bite wounds cause an extra point of damage per round for a number of rounds equal to her Con modifier, minimum one, as they continue to bleed. Bandaging the wound via the Heal skill or curative magic stops the bleeding at once.

Author: Dirigible

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