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Against the Shadow  |  NPCs  |  Aurilo


6th-level Wildlander Highland Imp

Small Fey
Hit Dice: 6d8+5 (33 hp)
Initiative: +7
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 21 (+1 size, +3 Dex, +2 leather, +5 Defense), touch 14, flat-footed 13
Base Attack/Grapple: +6/+1
Attack: Dagger +4 melee (1d4-1 and poison) or dart +9 ranged (1d4-1 and poison)
Full Attack: Dagger +4/-1 melee (1d4-1 and poison) or dart +9/+4 ranged (1d4-1 and poison)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Smite, poisoned weapons
Special Qualities: Charm gift, darkvision 60 ft., bonus to spot enemies, never surprised, wildlander traits, wild empathy
Saves: Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +3
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 11
Skills: Craft (leather working) +6, Hide +19*, Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) +5 Knowledge (nature) +5, Listen +15*, Move Silently +19*, Search +7, Spot +9*, Survival +5
Feats: Skill focus (spot), stealthy, improved initiative
Challenge Rating: CR 6
Alignment: Neutral Good

In the blink of an eye this small being moves from one rock to another, always scouting for dangers and certainly unseen to the untrained eye.

As it closes by you can see its large eyes focused on you atop a rock, it looks so frail, that you get the impression that a gust of wind could be enough to brake it, still, there is strength in those eyes, you can feel it.
Its voice then rises only slightly above the noise of your own heart and breath, still, you can hear it clearly in the ancient tongue of the dwarves, as it stood beside you.

“I am Aurilo, strangers, and I can see you are in trouble, The Guardian will be here shortly. I can take you to safety, if you just let me veil your eyes for a moment.”

Aurilo is not an average of his kind, he is not as fearful as his comrades and usually does not run at mere sight, his body, while still frail, bears the scars of his many incursions into the dangerous areas around his home, those scars are both a source of pride for him and a sign of foolishness for his people.

Even bolder with his people he challenges every story about how the Tusked Giants took their kind into pits of unending torment and corrupted their souls, it is just a story for children, he says, for not a single of their community has ever seen such giant, and short of The Guardian, which cannot enter their caves, there is no other creature that represents danger around them.

Encountering Aurilo is not as hard as keeping track of him, not only fast, he knows every single passage around The Guardian’s caves and quickly strides from one to another, quickly covering ground one would take t least twice as much to go through..

If given the chance of talk, however, Aurilo will quickly start asking questions, especially about what one is and how they are now near his home.

Aurilo is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields. In addition, Aurilo has learned the following Wildlander traits: Ghost Walk, Stealthy and Wolf Ears.

Aurilo can speak Imp, Goblin, Sylvan and Old Dwarven.


Although Aurilo dares a lot more than his people is used to, his scars come not from combat, but rather from tight escapes, for he knows that facing an opponent is being just as foolish as his friends believe him to be. A skilled wildlander with keen senses, Aurilo uses his advantage o never being surprised to keep a distance between hostile or even dangerous opponents.

If taken into combat Aurilo will use one of his hollow bone daggers to take down an opponent or create a diversion, then he will quickly stride away. If unable to escape, Aurilo will try to barter his freedom for some of his prizes or for knowledge of the passages around, he would never give away his city whereabouts though.

If all means of negotiation and escape are useless, Aurilo will try to create as much noise as he can, in an attempt to draw the attention of The Guardian, if this is successful he will use any opportunity to run away, if asked about what he is doing Aurilo will not answer but change the subject and speak as loud as he can.

Never Surprised (Ex): Aurilo is never surprised, he can always take a partial action during a surprise round, unless immobilized or otherwise unable to act.

Poisoned Weapons: Highland Imps weapons are usually coated with a mild paralyzing poison (Injury, Fort DC 14, initial damage dazed for 2d4 rounds, no secondary damage). Their hollow bone daggers carry enough poison for 4 successful strikes. Their darts can only strike once before needing to be re-coated.

Smite (Su): Having learned to fight simply to survive the hostile underworld, Aurilo may attempt, once per day, to smite an opponent with one normal attack. He gains a +4 competence bonus to the attack roll and deals 6 extra points of damage. The smite attack can be either a melee or ranged attack, though the target of a ranged attack smite must be within 30 feet.

Charm Craft: Highland Imps are natural charm crafters. They may take 20 whenever making charms and only need half the normal number of ranks in Knowledge (arcana) and Knowledge (nature) to make the four levels of charm.

Skills: * Aurilo has an almost supernatural ability to sense when things are about to go wrong, Aurilo has a +4 insight bonus on Spot checks made to notice other creatures at the beginning of an encounter.. Also, he receives a +4 competence bonus to all his Hide, Move Silently and Listen. In addition, Aurilo may take 10 when making Hide, Move Silently and Listen checks even if stress and distractions would normally prevent him from doing so.

Treasure: smooth pebble (minor charm: +2 luck bonus to a Will save), twisted wire strands (minor charm: +2 luck bonus to next jump check), thin chain (lesser charm: +1 luck bonus to AC for one minute), flat metal ring (greater charm: +1 luck bonus to all Hide, Move Silently and Sleigh of Hand checks for one minute), dirt clod (true charm: during surprise rounds the character gains the benefits of a sanctuary spell) and Potion of Reduce Person (sanguine-colored, sugary odor/taste, fuming, opaque appearance).

Author: Nifelhein

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