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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Formless


Every culture on Eredane has fireside stories and myths about newborn babes that changed shape and coloration overnight. Some believed that the children were possessed by spirits or had been stolen and replaced by dark fey. It’s not known how many children, blessed with the Formless path, were put to death due to fear and superstition. Those children that survived long enough to learn how to hide and control their abilities had the chance to become very powerful. Some of history’s most successful spies and assassins were likely gifted with the Formless path.

1. Fey vision
2. Change Size, enlarge/reduce person 1/day
3. Minor Transformation
4. Alter Form, alter self 1/day
5. Assume Identity
6. Alter Scent
7. Change Size, enlarge/reduce person 2/day
8. Minor Transformation
9. Improved Healing
10. Assume Identity
11. Alter Form, alter self 2/day
12. Change Size, enlarge/reduce person 3/day
13. Minor Transformation
14. Fast Healing
15. Assume Identity
16. Slow Poison
17. Disease Resistant
18. Improved Metabolism
19. Immunity to critical hits
20. Formless

Alter Scent:
Years of being hunted has taught the Formless how to alter its scent to throw off pursuit. A Formless can change its scent once/day for one hour per character level.
Alter Form: After what seems to be a lifetime of failure, the Formless has begun to master the ability to change its body to meet his needs. The character can transform himself into any humanoid race, which he has closely observed. The transformation does not change the character’s hit points, save and attack bonuses, nor does it provide any special abilities/immunities of the race he is imitating. The character can stay in this form for ten minutes per level.
Assume Identity:
Through practice and close observation of the people around him, the Formless has learned how to consistently assume a new form. At 5th level the Formless can chose a new identity/form that he can maintain for extended periods. At 5th level the form must be of the same race/culture (e.g. if you are originally Dorn, you must chose another Dornish form) and that form can be maintained for one hour per level. At 5th level the ability can be used once/week. At 10th level, the character gains another form that has to have the same racial origin, human, fey, or orc/goblinkin (dark fey) for two hours/level. At 15th level the character gains a third form that can be of any humanoid race and can hold that form for three hours/level.
Change Size:
The formless’ control of his body allows him to temporarily increase or decrease his size. As per the enlarge person and reduce person spells, the character can temporarily change its size (1 minute per character level).
Disease Resistant:
The formless’ ability to rapidly change his form allows him to control the spread of disease through his body. The character receives a +4 to saves vs. disease. In addition, reduces damage from a disease by one step.
Fast Healing:
The mutability of the formless’ flesh makes wounds close much faster. The character’s body naturally regenerates normal damage at the rate of one hit point every hour. The character does not have the ability to reattach limbs, regrow lost body parts or repair damage to hearing or eyesight.
As you reached maturity, your eyes became more acute, and the first sign of your new powers. The character gains low light vision; if they already have low light vision, they get dark vision up to 60’.
The formless has master the potential of his abilities and can change his form at will. The character can change between any of its four forms (original and the three other forms it has gained) at will and stay in any of the forms as long as desired.
Immunity to Critical Hits:
The formless’ ability to absorb and heal damage protect him from what would be killing strikes to a normal member of his race. Due to changes in the character’s physiology, he becomes immune to critical hits.
Improved Healing:
The formless’ body has become much more adept at healing damage. The character’s recovery time is halved and twice the normal hit points are healed with rest.
Improved Metabolism:
The formless’ body requires far less food and water to survive. Allows the character to subsist with half the normal amount of food and water. The character still needs to eat and drink normally, just half the normal rations with no ill effect.
Minor Transformation:
For short periods of time, the formless can strengthen his abilities and sharpen his senses. The character can choose from the following spells, Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Cats Grace, or Hawk’s Eyes once per day at 3rd level, twice per day at 8th level, and three times per day at 13th level.
Slow Poison:
The formless is able to control the toxins flow inside his body. Add +4 to saving throws against poison and reduce the effects by one dice type (1D6 to 1D4) or effect by one step (death to incapacitation/paralysis).

Author: Kane

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