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Temple of the Windy Valley
The Temple of the Windy Valley was an ancient site, build long before Shadow claimed the land, by unknown architects.  125 feet long, and 35 feet wide, it straddles the bottom of a steep, narrow valley.  Seven monolithic stone columns rose from the sides of the valley up to the immense stone roof, but no longer.  The South side is mostly intact:  only a single column has fallen under the wear of the ages.  The North side, however, has fared much worse.  Only the first and last columns still stand undamaged.  Two have fallen, two have cracked and broken, and one seems to have been dug out of the ground and dragged away up the side of the valley.  You try not to think about what kind of creature could drag a 5 foot wide, twenty foot tall, solid stone column up the steep valley wall. 

The roof of the temple has completely collapsed over the ages, leaving a shrapnel of stone littering the valley floor.

A narrow path cuts through the center of the ruins, dodging around the chunks of stone from the roof.  At the bottom of the valley, low brush grows.  The columns were set into the side of the valley where it begins getting steeper, and the brush thicker.  Higher up, the walls are fairly steep and covered with much brush.  You don't think you would enjoy trying to pick your way through that.

A harsh wind cuts through the temple from the West, strongly blowing against you.


The Temple of the Windy Valley was built by the elder fey, to celebrate their Wind God.  It was common knowledge that the winds never abated in the valley, always blowing from the West, and the elder fey believed the Valley to be the source of all the winds of the world, and built a temple here to worship their god who obviously touched this place.  It was said that their god even came down and dwelled in the temple with them, enjoying the winds, and instilling the land the temple sat on with his essence.  After the Sundering, their god no longer walked among them in the Valley, but the winds did not cease.  With the vanishing of the gods, the faith was lost, and the Temple fell into disrepair, and eventually forgotten, as so many things were.

The Valley was rediscovered at various times by the resistance and the Shadow, and is widely know for its magical affinity and aid to arcane wielders.  The Temple built there practially hums with magical energy (if one could hear the humming over the ever-present wind), but a different kind of magic than is present in the Nexuses.  The forces of Izrador have tried desperately to find the source of its magical energy, but nothing seems to be able to draw energy from Temple except arcane spellcasters.  Becuase of its affinity for the arcane, the Shadow finds little use for it, but passes troops through it periodically to prevent any buildup of Resistance forces.  The Resistance knows of its power, but so far have not been able to take and hold the Temple by force.  Should the Resistance ever build a coherent defense there, it would prove very easily defendable with arcane magics, but no one knows if moving any of the stones now lying on its floor will negate its empowering ability, and so none risk building new structures there.

Mechanical Aspects


  • The path (brown squares) are treated like normal for motion. (i.e. move action=base speed, run x4)
  • The low growth (light green) makes fast movement difficult. (move action=base speed, run x3)
  • The moderate growth as the Valley slopes upward (middle green) has to be picked through, and is steep enough that you need to be sure of your footing.  (Move Silently -2, move action=half base speed, full round=base speed, run x2)
  • The steep, overgrown valley wall (dark green) can only be moved through with much difficulty.  (Move Silently -5, Full round move for your base speed, cannot run).


  • There is a 20 knot wind blowing from the West. 


  • Assume all fallen stones are 5 feet high, and can provide full cover.


  • All spells cast inside the boundary of the Temple (yellow line) cost one point less of spell energy than usual.  First level spells cost 1/2 a point to cast.


  • The moon is in its wanning gibbous phase (i.e. just after full).  It provides enough light for creatures without darkvision or lowlight vision to pick out silloutes, but few details at distance.  For those creatures, ranged attacks have a -1 for each range increment beyond the first.  Creatures with darkvision and/or lowlight vision function normally, as do all sneak attacks.  The time is currently 4 hours after sunset, an hour before the Midnight hours begin.


Temple of the Windy Valley

Author: Pheros

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