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Against the Shadow  |  NPCs  |  Teliir & Drithil
Teliir & Drithil
And so the Veradeen holds...another day, at least.

Teliir quickly rifles through the goblin's hip pouch, finding little of value.

More rotting meat jerky...probably orc meat...And what's this?  A rusty piece of steel, and granite...did it think this was flint?

A low chuckle escapes her lips, before she can stop it.

I've tarried here too long...

Quickly she fills her quiver with arrows from the goblin's, and beheads the creature before heading off into the think undergrowth of the forest by the side of the road.

They'll be expecting their scout back sometime this evening, at latest.  I'd best make sure I'm far from here when they come looking for him.

She is no more than 100 feet from where the goblins body lay, when a gentle flapping from behind her catchs her ear.  She slows and stops, peering off into the distance, away from the noise, and begins forming the words in her mind.

Uthum nodum diso nordoro she quietly speaks, while moving the hand not holding her bow in front of her body, so as to hid it from the thing behind her.  A feeling of nausea comes over her, directed straight through the back of her head, at the sound of the flapping.

It knows I can use the arcane.  Let's see if it lives to tell what it knows.  I must be quick now...

Still peering off in the distance, she reachs for her quiver, knocks and arrow and aims far off in front of her.  In one swift move, she spins, and fires at the thing on the branch.

A raven...I should have guessed - she thinks as the silver-tipped arrow sails toward the astirax-possessed raven.  It meets its mark with a satisfying thud, quickly and efficiently killing raven and astirax.  As the bird falls, she quickly walks over to its body, and plucks a long feather from its wing, as well as retreiving her precious silver arrow head.  Reaching below her thick jacket, still needed with the chill in the air, she pulls out a delicate necklace, made of simple twine threaded with over a dozen feathers from all sorts of birds.  She quickly adds the raven feather to the necklace before making her way the many miles back to camp via a purposely circuitous route.  Anyone following her path would have to pass no fewer than 3 of the tower's outer sentries, all of whom greeted her (in patrol sign, of course) very warmly.  And who wouldn't.  Stealth and cunning where her tools, and astiraxes her target.  Goblins were just sport, something to use her magic against to draw out the horrid daemons from their lazy roosts.  That's when the real fun began.  As she passes by Drithil, the tower's blacksmith, she gives him a very warm hug, and thanks him again (as she did everytime she added a charm to her necklace) for the silver broadheads he so carefully crafted for her arrows.  He just smiles back, before going back to his anvil. 

They were a team, the two of them.  His weapons and her skills, used to keep their tower safe from the forces of the shadow.  They safe-guarded the tower, and the tower safeguarded Veradeen.  It was that simple.

They had both been born in the Veradeen, and had known no other home.  Their parents were tower guardians as well, Teliir's mother and father were both outer guards, those lone warriors responsible for being the tower's eyes and ears.  Drithil's mother had been a great fighter, charging into battle and bringing home many trophies.  His father was a blacksmith, like himself.  He had picked up the talent at an early age, and for all its limited resources, the tower could never have enough blacksmiths.  Many around the tower whispered rumors about Teliir and Drithil, and they did nothing to stop it.  Why try and hide the truth, especially in a group as small and tight-knit as their tower.  It was had to find companionship in these dark days.  Someone to feel comfortable with, to help you ignore the press of the Shadow, even for a little while.

Both of them lost their parents in the latest war, the war that the Shadow won.  Some called it the Final War.  The last stand against evil, where good had lost, and been driven from the field of battle.  But it was not the last war.  Not so long as their tower stood.  Not so long as Teliir and Drithil stood, side by side, to fend off the Shadow with force of steel.  They would hold, and because they held, Veradeen would hold; and maybe, just maybe, they would live to see the real 'Final War.'  The one where Aradil smites Izrador, and the world is returned to the way it was, before the spread of the darkness.

But before that war could happen, Teliir has Artiraxes to hunt.


Female Erunsil Rog 9
HP Dragonblooded, Neutral Good

4'9", 83lbs, 148 yrs old

hp 54; Init: +4
AC: 17=10+4(dex)+1(buckler)+2(leather armor)
Base Attack +6/1; Melee +5; Ranged +11/6; +1 w/in 30'
Fort: +6; Ref +10; Will +5
Str 10; Dex 18; Con 14; Int 15; Wis 12; Cha 11

Feats:Magecraft (Hermetic), Spellcasting (Divination), Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot

Skills: Decipher Scrip +12, Disable Device +12, Escape Artist +14, Heal +11, Hide +14, Knowledge(Veradeen) +7, Knowledge(nature) +7, Listen +13, Move Silently +14, Search +14, Spellcraft+12, Spot +13, Tumble +14

Possessions: Icewood Longbow, Fighting Knife, Leather Armor, Buckler, Winter Clothes, Silver-Tipped Arrows (20), Feather Necklace

Spells: Flare (spell-like ability), Guidance (spell-like ability), Detect Magic, Dectect Astirax, Detect Evil

Class Ability: Sneak attack +5d6, Trapfinding, Evasion, Trapsense +3, Improved Uncanny Dodge


Male Erunsil Commoner 10 (Blacksmith)
6'0", 171lbs, 155 yrs old

hp 77; Init: +0
AC: 12=10+2(leather blacksmith smock)
Str 19; Dex 10; Con 16; Int 13; Wis 10; Cha 12

Equipment:  Leather Blacksmith Smock and clothing, Blacksmith's Hammer

Author: Joe Masiero "Pheros".

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