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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Honorable


Even in the grim days of the Fourth Age, there are those who will stand up in the cause of honor, protecting the weak. Though many perish early for their beliefs, some survive. The honorable is one such, and his sense of duty is beyond compare. Justice follows him, and his stalwartness is nigh unshakable.

1. Honorable +2
2. Righteous +1
3. Courageous +2
4. Protection from Chaos 1/day
5. Punish the Wicked 1/day
6. Rallying Cry
7. Righteous +2
8. Honorable +4
9. Courageous +3
10. Punish the Wicked 2/day
11. Divine Favor 1/day
12. Righteous +3
13. Protection from Chaos 2/day
14. Courageous +4
15. Punish the Wicked 3/day
16. Honorable +6
17. Righteous +4
18. Divine Favor 2/day
19. Courageous +5
20. Punish the Wicked 4/day

Honorable (Ex):
The honorable is an avatar of virtue and righteousness. He is admired by his allies, and feared by his foes. He gains the listed bonus on all Diplomacy checks against creatures of lawful alignment, and on all Intimidate checks against creatures of chaotic alignment. He also suffers a similar penalty to all Bluff checks.
Righteous (Ex):
Should the honorable character and his allies find themselves outnumbered in a combat, for every whole multiple (x2, x3, x4 etc.) the enemy outnumbers his party with, the honorable gains the listed bonus as a morale bonus on all attack and damage rolls. However, if his party should ever outnumber the enemy, he suffers the same number as a penalty to his attack and damage rolls. However, the penalty does not change depending on how much his side outnumbers the enemy.
Courageous (Ex):
The honorable fears neither pain nor death. He gains the listed bonus on all saves against fear spells and effects.
Punish the Wicked (Ex):
The honorable will tolerate no threat or harming of those he protects. Whenever a creature wounds one of the honorable's allies, or an unarmed or innocent creature, the honorable may make a smite attack against that foe. He may add his Constitution modifier (if positive) to the attack roll, and if he hits, he adds his character level to the damage roll.
Rallying Cry (Su):
The honorable can attempt to strengthen the resolve and heart of his comrades when they are in doubt. As a move action, he can unleash a rallying cry. Any ally within earshot may immediately attempt to re-roll any save against a fear spell or effect, with a +2 morale bonus on the attempt. He may only use this ability once per encounter.

Author: Bleak Knight

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