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Against the Shadow  |  Heroic Paths  |  Warheart


The warheart carries battle in his soul. To him, every day is a new tactical challenge, every plan a cunning stratagem. He is a natural strategist, and with training and experience he can defeat even vastly superior foes in the field. Battle and combat come naturally to him, and he is only truly at home when leading men in battle.

1. Combat Instinct +1
2. Placement
3. Coordinate 1/day
4. Assess Foe +3
5. Multiple Assessment (2)
6. Combat Instinct +2
7. Gut Feeling 1/day
8. Coordinate 2/day
9. Assess Foe +4
10. Assess Foe (attack and defense)
11. Combat Instinct +3
12. Multiple Assessment (4)
13. Coordinate 3/day
14. Assess Foe +5
15. Improved Placement
16. Combat Instinct +4
17. Gut Feeling 2/day
18. Coordinate 4/day
19. Assess Foe +6
20. Multiple Assessment (8)

The warheart gains twice the normal numerical bonuses to attack rolls from any advantageous position (+4 for flanking, +2 for higher ground, etc.) and if he uses the aid another action in combat, his ally gains an additional +2 bonus from the action.
Assess Foe:
The warheart is able to see patterns in his foe's movements that no others see, and instinctively takes advantage of any quirks and weaknesses his enemy possesses. For every two rounds the warheart can observe a foe, he gains a +1 bonus to attack or defense rolls against that one foe (chosen individually for each +1 bonus), up to the listed maximum. Also, this bonus is added to contested Knowledge (Warfare) and Profession (Soldier) checks. At 11th level, the warheart gains the bonus to both attack and defense rolls.
Combat Instinct:
The warheart gains the listed bonus as a bonus to all initiative checks.
Multiple Assessment:
The warheart can now assess two foes simultaneously. At 12th level, he can assess four foes simultaneously and at 20th level he can assess eight foes simultaneously.
The warheart must declare use of this ability as a free action before initiative is determined in a combat. When activated, coordination allows all of the warheart's allies within 30 ft. to use his initiative instead of theirs.
Gut Feeling:
The warheart has a sixth sense about battle. As a free action, he may use Augury as a spell-like ability. However, the question asked must relate to conflict. (So “Is this valley filled with ambushers” or “Is the enemy better prepared than us” are acceptable, while “should I go see the local legate for healing” is not).
Improved Placement:
The warheart doesn't have to put himself in a good position, it is enough that his enemy is in a bad one. When attacking an enemy which suffers a circumstantial or morale penalty to attacks or defense that the warheart does not suffer himself, he gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls against that foe.

Author: Bleak Knight

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