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To some people, self-sacrifice is a natural part of life. They willingly put themselves in harm's way, and suffer where others should have suffered in their stead. The martyr is the epitome of this way of self-sacrifice. No pain is too great for him, as long as he knows that whatever he suffers, someone else would have suffered had he not intervened. His actions will make him highly respected amongst the lowly and suffering, though the mighty or cruel often despise him, and see his actions as foolish and weak. They often also fear him, for they do not understand what makes him keep walking his painful path.

1. Absorb Ailment
2. Resigned to Death
3. Transfer Wounds
4. Pure Soul +2
5. DR 1/-
6. Fight the Pain
7. Sanctuary 1/day
8. Touch of Sorrow
9. Pure Soul +4
10. DR 2/-
11. Calm Emotions 1/day
12. Sanctuary 2/day
13. Control the Pain
14. Pure Soul +6
15. DR 3/-
16. Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day
17. Sanctuary 3/day
18. Calm Emotions 2/day
19. Pure Soul +8
20. DR 4/-

Absorb Ailment (Su):
The suffering can absorb the ills of others into himself. As a standard action, he may touch a creature, and transfer any disease, poison, curse or other penalising effect to himself. In doing this, the Suffering resigns himself to his agony, and he may not make any save or check to resist any of the effects of the absorbed ailment.
Resigned to Death: The martyr is ever ready to sacrifice himself to protect others. He gains the Resigned to Death feat for free, even if he does not fulfill its requirements.
Transfer Wounds (Su): Self-sacrifice is the essence of the martyr. As a standard action, he may transfer any hit point damage from another creature to himself. He may lower his hit points below zero or kill himself in this way. This ability cannot be used to bring back someone who has already fallen below the negative hp threshold and is dead.
Pure Soul (Su):
The Martyr gains the listed bonus to resist evil or negative energy spells and effects.
Touch of Sorrow (Su):
With a melee touch attack, the martyr can channel part of the pain, loss and sorrow he has felt and witnessed into another creature. The effect is staggering to most. A creature touched must succeed a Will save with a DC equal to ten, plus half the Martyr's level, plus the Martyr's Wisdom modifier, or become staggered for 1d4+1 rounds. The Martyr may perform this action a number of times per day equal to his one plus his Wisdom modifier (minimum 1).
Fight the Pain (Su):
At 6th level, whenever the martyr uses absorb ailment, he gets to make a save or check against the ailment, if the original victim was allowed one. The DC is the same as it was for the original creature.
Control the Pain (Su):
At 13th level, any damage or penalizing effect the martyr transfers from others to himself is halved before it is applied to the martyr. Thus, if the martyr was to transfer 10 hp damage from another creature to himself, he would only suffer 5 hp damage. If he should absorb 4 points of Con damage from another character, he would only suffer two points himself.

Author: Bleak Knight

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