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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  Blood & Cloud
Blood & Cloud
A twin pair of bracelets, with two faces in profile cut into each. Blood, the copper twin of the pair, always appears highly polished. Cloud, made of platinum, always appears stained and dull.

The origin of these bracelets is unknown. They are first mentioned in the surviving fragment of chronicles written by Bardan, a minor Erenlander noble’s court mage, in the Second Age. They appear to have been found on a pair of brothers known only as the Princely Rogues. With a combination of glib talk from one and sleek vanishing tactics from the other, they tricked their way in and out of courts and mansion houses. When one brother was finally caught, tried and executed, the cold body of the other was found outside the walls of the prison the next day. The chronicling mage notes that magic appeared to linger about both bracelets when they were brought to him, but he was unable to make anything of it.

The bracelets are rumored to have resurfaced recently in eastern Erethor, currently being worn by a pair of intrepid Erenlander scouts and couriers in and out of the forest …

The bracelets confer bonuses on a pair of wearers only after each has sprinkled a drop of blood on each with an oath of mutual loyalty and trust and the bracelets have been worn for 24 hours.

If either of the bonded wearers dies or betrays his trust, the link is broken. Before being aligned to a new pair of wearers, both bracelets must be worn by one person for at least a month. During that time, the single wearer may use both bracelets' Diverse Twins ability but all other abilities are inactive.


  • 2nd level: Shared Blade: The flanking bonus one wearer grants upon the other when flanking is increased by a +1 insight bonus.
  • 5th level: Diverse Twins (Sp): The wearer of Blood can cast Eagle's Splendour 1/day as a 3rd-level channeler (self only). The wearer of Cloud can cast Obscuring Mist 1/day as a 3rd-level channeler.
  • 7th level: Shared Blood (Sp): Each wearer can cast Shield Other 1/day on the other as a 5th-level channeler.
  • 9th level: Shared Awareness: When within 30' feet of each other and able to perceive one another by sight and/or hearing, both wearers gain the benefit of the Alertness feat and a +2 insight bonus on Initiative.
  • 12th level: Single Blood: Each bracelet constantly conveys information about the other wearer as per the Status spell.


Author: StalkingBlue

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