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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  Kursu
Kursu is Courtier for “Lightning”. This ancient weapon was brought to Eredane during the Sarcosan invasion in the early years of the Second Age. The original pommel, a globe of Pellurian star crystal, was smashed when its then wielder, one of the generals leading the war against Erethor, was assassinated by Elven mages in 318 S.A. The sword was later reforged and formally returned by the Elves as part of the alliance with the newly formed Kingdom of Erenland.


Kursu is a bastard sword, the blade of white Pellurian steel, the pommel (a replacement) made of steel from Eredane with its characteristic blue tint.


  • 3rd level: Lightning Path: 1/day the wielder may call Kursu to her as a free action, causing the sword to instantly move into the wielder’s hand at lightning speed or if the wielder has no hand free, fall at the wielder’s feet in her square. Kursu must be within 30’ of the wielder and not held or wielded by anyone and a clear (not necessarily straight) path must exist to the wielder, or the call attempt fails.
  • 5th level: Lightning Dances: +2 luck bonus to Reflex saves.
  • 7th level: Lightning Shock: Upon command the weapon is sheathed in crackling electricity. The electricity does not harm th wielder, and the effect remains until another command is given. Upon a successful hit Kursu deals an additional 1d6 points of electricity damage.
  • 9th level: Veil of Lightning: For up to 5 rounds per day (can be spread over several uses), as a free action the wielder can surround herself with a veil of flickering, humming electricity, providing her with concealment for a 20% miss chance to any opponent using sight or hearing.
  • 11th level: Edge of Light (always active): Kursu gains a +1 enhancement bonus.
  • 13th level: Glorious Lightning: Upon command for up to 5 rounds per day, Kursu is sheathed in bright, crackling lightning that sheds light equivalent to that of a daylight spell and grants a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls, weapon damage rolls and will saves to all allies within 30’. Glorious Lightning can not be used while Veil of Lightning is active and vice versa. Once the Glorious Lightning ability is unlocked, the concealment bonus conferred by Veil of Lightning increases to 50%.

Author: StalkingBlue

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