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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  The Webmantle
The Webmantle
This long, soft cloak appears to be made of thick, silvery spider webs. It is a loose mesh rather than a cloth, and hands lightly on the wearer. Hecatae acquired it from a traveler from the Eastern Continent, where it was reputedly made by cultists out of the silk produced by their Bebilith overlord.
  • 2nd level: The wearer may use the cloak as a net, and is considered proficient with its use. It has 25 hp and hardness 5.
  • 4th level: The character gains +1 to attack rolls with the net, its range increases to 30 feet, and the Escape Artist DC increases to 25.
  • 5th level: The wearer of the cloak can cast Spider Climb once per day as a channeler of her character level.
  • 9th level: The wearer of the cloak is immune to poison.

Author: Dirigible

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