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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  The Ghaal
The Ghaal
Long ago, the giantmen were a noble race, not yet corrupted by Izrador, who was known to them as Father Rot. Amongst the giantmen there were two princesses, who were feared and renowned as warriors and athletes. There was great competition between them, and the earth shook when they raced and wrestled.

One day, the princesses were arguing about who was the better able to knock down the dwarven stone pillars that dotted their land. Finally, they agreed that each would go and find one person to aid them, and then they would settle the question. The elder princess, called Lahana, went north, higher into the peaks to search fo an ally, while her younger and more favored sister went south.

After a time, Lahana came across a great, hairy beast, so big that she could have easily sat astride it. "Ho, there, little giant," said the beast with its long, fleshy nose. "I am Ghaal, the Dire Mammoth."

"I am Lahana, great one. Will you help me win a contest?" And she told Ghaal of the contest between her and her sister. After a time of thought, Ghaal agreed to aid her.

Lahana and Ghaal went back to the proving grounds, where they found her sister waiting with an ogre of prodigious size and strength. The contest began. Lahana's sister and the ogre pushed and heaved, trying to tip over as many pillars as they could, but squabbled often and got in each others way.

When it was Ghaal and Lahana's turn, the giant mounted the mammoth, and the two rode together against the pillars. When the dust had settled, they had knocked over twice as many columns as the opposing pair! To celebrate, Ghaal gave Lahana a pice of his cast-off hide, with instructions on how to craft it into a powerful suit of armour to seal their friendship.

The Ghaal is a suit of hide armor suitable for a Large creature. The breastplate is thick and studded with bone buttons, while the shoulders are reinforced with several overlapping, gull-winged layers of hide.

  • 2nd level: The character gains +4 to resist any attempts to force her from the saddle when mounted.
  • 6th level: The character gains DR 5 vs any projectiles larger than an arrow (javelins, throwing axes, catapult stones etc).
  • 9th level: The Ghaal gains a +1 enhancement bonus.
  • 16th level: While mounted, the wearer of the Ghaal gains +5' to her reach.

Author: Dirigible

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