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Against the Shadow  |  Magic Items  |  Shard of the Glacier
Shard of the Glacier
The history of this item is unknown beyond the last 5 yrs. All that is known comes from tales shared by the Snow Witches, if they know the true history they choose not to share it.

Its known history starts with an unnamed Snow Witch making her pilgrimage to the Keep on the Glacier. While climbing through the ruins of the keep she spotted one of the Keep’s guardians. The guardians are mysterious; they protect chambers that seem to be without value but allow access to the power nexus at the base of the keep.

This guardian was blocking the archway to a small chamber; inside that chamber the sheen of icy walls could be seen. Her curiosity peaked she climbed through the gaps in the rubble and approached the guardian. The guardian seemed to be made of the same ice that coated the room.

She sat down in a corner and watched the guardian. Days past but she continued to sit and watch, something seemed to call to her from the room. Eventually without warning the guardian moved. It turned towards the room, withdrew an object from the room, and presented it to the Snow Witch. This staff was that object. A guardian of the Keep has never done that before to the knowledge of the Snow Witch’s.

The Witches have started to search the Glacier’s Keep in hopes of finding that icy guardian and being given a similar gift.


This staff is made from translucent Icewood. 7’ in height, 3” inches thick and tipped on both end with splintered shards of ice. The staff can be used as a quarterstaff in a fight.

  • 1st Level: Provides a +4 to save versus the effects of natural weather. This includes all forms of natural energy damage such as lightning and lava. This stacks with the bonus from the Snow Witch prestige class.
  • 4th Level: The Shard increases the power of a Snow Witch. The Snow Witch is considered to be one level higher for spells granted from the Way of the Snow Witch. Example: A 4th level Snow Witch has access to the spells from the 5th level Snow Witch list. This power is only available when the Witch is holding the staff.
  • 7th Level: The Shard increases the power of all spells that the wielder casts with the Cold spell descriptor. This wielder is granted the Maximize Spell feat while holding the staff. This effect only works for spells with the Cold description.
  • 10th Level: The Shard gains a +1 enchantment bonus.
  • 14th Level: The Shard gains the Frost enchantment.

Author: Harrowed

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