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Against the Shadow  |  Organizations  |  The Fleet of the Red Sails: Stormhold's Resistance Navy
09 Aug 2006 - The Fleet of the Red Sails: Stormhold's Resistance Navy

(by Dirigible)

Vast ruins sprawl over the northern edge of Narskye island, just west of Asmadar. Carved out of the living brownstone cliffs and built up with fired and strengthened sandstone bricks, long walls stretch spidery paths over the hills and beaches, dotted with ballista towers, catapult bunkers, tunnels and redoubts that once secured the channel between the Kasmael Sea and Pale Ocean for the Sarcosan sea lords. They have stood abandoned for many years, as the king of Erenland ordered the fortress to be evacuated long ago in the Third Age, so he could redeploy the soldiers elsewhere. Now crabs lurk in the barracks, gulls circle overhead and gannets hoot where once generals planned and drilled.

Since the Shadow's victory and the scattering of the armies of the South, the ruins of Stormhold have been home to a few men, however. Admiral Labaar Kor-Hallis, Lord of the Eastern Fleet, led several hundred of his men out of their docks and to the lonely fortress, leaving the coastal towns they were sworn to defend helpless against the encroaching orcs, but saving their own lives and ships. Today, Admiral Kor-Hallis IV has a force of nearly a thousand men, the children of the original deserters and new recruits and over forty ships in various states of repair. From Stormhold he plans and executes daring and savage raids along the coast, from Sharuun to Landfall. Kor-Hallis cares only for killing the Shadow's followers and slowly fighting to liberate his homeland, and sheds no tears for innocents and bystanders killed by his ruffian sailors, secretly considering all mainlanders to be one kind of collaborator or another. The Fleet of the Red Sails' most common target is Hallisport, and they have become quite a threat to shipping leaving that city.

Ordinary Eredaneans hate the Red Sails nearly as much as the Shadow's minions do, rightly fearing the raids and press-gangs. However, it must be said that without the piratical resistance fighters, the Shadow would have swallowed all the coastal towns of the region long ago. They are one of the largest military factions left in Eredane, and if the Admiral could be persuaded to trust any of the other resistance leaders he could make a valuable contribution.

Labaar Kor-Hallis (male Sarcosan, 13th level, combination of expert, rogue, fighter and pirate, military or resistance PrC's to taste).


* A legate has made contact with a clutch of sahuagin, and offered them great reward if they will sabotage the Red Sails fleet at anchor in Stormhold, where they have proved invulnerable to the poorly skilled orcish sailors of the Shadow's fleet. The sahuagin (possibly using hull grinders, from Privateer Press' Monsternomicon) plan to creep into Stormhold underwater and sink as many ships as they can while they sit at anchor. The PC's may come across this information in the journal of a legate they kill, or a druid-type PC might be contacted by a Dire Dolphin worried over the increase of sharkman activity in the region.

* If the PCs are already known to the Red Sails, they may hear through the resistance grapevine that the Admiral plans to wed an Asmadarin woman. According to some sources, she is a positive influence on Kor-Hallis, gently moving him towards less bloodthirsty and more cooperative behaviour Perhaps she's a horsha in disguise, trying to turn the Red Sails to a specific goal. Or one of the Admiral's officers might consider her a threat t his influence and try to eliminate her. On the other hand, perhaps there is nothing out of the ordinary going on; it is just a moment of happiness amidst the perpetual horrors of the occupation..

Author: Dirigible

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