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Against the Shadow  |  Places on Aryth  |  The Village of Cotrea
The Village of Cotrea
The Village of Cotrea

Old fields of gold,
Old fields of gold,
Fire and hail from the heavens told.

Toiling through the ice cold night,
Support a war, it's not our fight.

Old fields of gold,
Old fields of gold,
My fathers land to slavery sold.

Stalks are rotten, a horrid sight,
Hands on the plow until first light.

Old fields of gold,
Old fields of gold,
Keep hope the sun will soon shine bold.

Master, please hear our sorrowed plight,
As we toil through the ice cold night.

Old fields of gold,
Old fields of gold,
Fire and hail from the heavens told.

A Toiling Song
Samuel LeForest, Erenlander Farmer and Slave
Year 14, Third Age

1. South Commons:

    The South Commons is a section of mostly open grassland, dotted by a tree farm. The tree farm is an effort of the town to grow specific trees to craft bows and arrows from, to support their hunters in the field. The trees they raise are rare and hard to find stock found only deep in the Hazmahal Wood. The open grasslands boast tall green grasses that stand to the waist of a tall Dorn. It is a favoured area for children in their games and play, for it can hide them well. That being said, many children are secretly taught the ways of subterfuge while playing these games. Adults take their young to the South Commons on grounds of play time with the family (An odd occurance that Saimihal has supported as necessary; a happy farmer is a hard working farmer) and teach them to use their surroundings the help them hide. This tradition is centuries old, and Cotrea was once known for its Wildlander population. The ways of the Wildlander have been forgotten from this small town, but the kinship with the land has remained, and the people still have a knack for finding their way out of trouble if they are in a natural setting.

2. Saimihal Compound:

    This compound is where Saimihal and his orcish thugs have set up camp. The common area has been surrounded by a wooden palicade, and two towers dot the north and south barriers. The central area was once a storehouse for grains that has been transformed into a luxurious living estate for Saimihal. A small barn lies north of his estate, which has been turned into a makeshift barracks for the orc entourage. Routinely, townsfolk are brought into Saimihal's estate for questioning, sometimes he brings the commoners in simply to boast of his riches paid for by their blood and sweat. There is always two orc sentries in both towers, switches taking place at each passing of the sun. Dawn, High Sun, Sun Set.

3. Town Center:

    Town center is the heartbeat of Cotrea. This is where all the professionals live and work from. Healing, tool repairs, replacement bows and arrows, and many other items are sought in Town Center. It is also the gathering place for 'social meetings' when Saimihal wants the whole town present.

4. Abandoned Lookout Tower:

    Before Izrador had washed over the lands, this once proud tower was the scouting tool used by town soldiers to warn of invaders. Now, after decades of neglect, this building is crumbling, the top floors already having fallen to rest on the ground. Saimihal has restricted the road to this building, and places 2 orc sentries at the mouth of the forst to make sure no one passes. No one understands why Saimihal is so ademant that this site stay uninterrupted, but would rather not find out, on the risk of a public whipping.

5. North Road Shire:

    The North Road was once a great gateway between Baden's Bluff and access of other smaller cities along the Eren River. Cotrea was once a popular stop off point for many merchants, entertainers, and nobles. Now, with all of those people forgotten memories, this road is used only for transport of grains and food stuffs to the various buildings littered about. Once farmsteads, they are now only grain silos and one lone standing windmill.

6. Hazmahal Tavern/Inn

    Once a great hall for the reknown of Aryth, a place of rest and fair drink, is now a place where commoners drown sorrows, and tell tales of old. Saimihal has not taken away the priviledge of this town landmark, as long as the patrons make way for him and his cronies when they wish to use the facility. The Orcs are brutal and rude, beating cook and wench alike. When not being ravaged by orcs, the Hazmahal is a place of brotherly kinship and sometimes a place of music. Harris Stonewall, a large muscled Dornish man runs this tavern with a passion unequalled. He loves his people, and he treats his staff with respect and care. The Hazmahal is the only refuge these commoners have, and they treasure its existance.

7. North Commons:

    The North Commons is the main agricultural area in Cotrea. All of the farmers and herders reside and work from this part of Cotrea. Scattered randomly about are makeshift guard quarters that are always manned by an orcish sentry.Hours are long for the people, from before first light, they are expected to be in the fields, preparing for the long day ahead. Many do not stop until the sun has long set, and some work until they collapse from exhaustion. The occurance of a random whipping by an orcish guard are far too common, and many of the hardworking farmers bear the awful scars of this truth. There is little of interest in the North Commons, although the area has been seeing brave wolves creeping to the pastures and snatching young sheep as of late. The farmers ask for assistance from the orcs, but of course gain no reprieve. The hunters have done what they can, but with few resources, it is a doomed venture.

The Hazmahal Wood:

The Hazmahal Wood is a thick dark forest of pine and birch trees. Citizens of Cotrea never venture far into the wood, many are supersticious about what may lurk inside. Hunters stay as close to the treewall as possible, always staying within one mile of the edge. Even the Orcs refuse to enter any further than the hunters, as they have lost 2 of their own as a result of the fools wandering off too far. Myths tell of large spiders, and other deadly insects that have been undisturbed for centuries... and much much worse. However, it is because of one brave soul, long dead, named Goriwal, that they have their Tree Farm, in which they craft strong bows and accurate arrows. Long ago, he ventured further than any man, and returned bearing seeds of trees he said took his breath away. They were planted in town, and the largest of these trees sits in town center as a tribute to Goriwal.

Families of Cotrea


  • Yures , Mathias(Farmer 38), Emphela (Wife 37), Seres(Daughter 18)
  • Anders , Jospeh(Herder, bachelor 29)
  • Mirand , Elenor(Gardener, widow 23)
  • Corack , Anith(Farmer 38), Sarah(wife 38), Pulo(Son 19), Sadie(Daughter 18), Kara(Daughter 17), Leon(Son 12), Ian(Son 9)
  • Viller , Bers(Fisher 26), Napi(Wife 25), Luc(Son 8)
  • Toverli , Hans(Town Maintenance 40), Anna(wife 38), Bella(Daughter 22)
  • Jolin , Gabriel(Farmer, Bachelor 27)
  • Parson , Heath(Mayor 49), Kathrine(Wife 41), Liam(Son 21), Sanna(Wife to Liam, 20), Geoffry(Son 19), Ihanli(Wife to Geoffry, 16), Jacqueline(Daugher, 17)
  • Carst , Earldrig(Hunter, Bachelor 32)
  • Umbo , Yannick(Fisher 29), Talla(Wife 21), Borstor(Son, 4)
  • Prennel , David(Farmer 47), Ingrid(Wife 43), Francis(Son 24), Geliana(Wife to Francis 22), Verin(Son 23), Kat(Wife to Verin 20), Pearl(Daughter 20)
  • Illing , Demas(Herder 40), Rosa(Wife 39), Geliana(Daugher, Wife to Francis Prennel 22), Kat(Daughter, Wife to Verin Prennel 20)
  • Kirik , Tolbert(Herder 60), Persephone(Wife 55), Ursa(Presumed Dead, would be 30)
  • Vaughn , Stan(ley) (Farmer 26) Jenna(Wife 25) Bruce (Son 6) Martin (Son 5)


  • Aliwal , Anton (Farmer 31), Heena(wife 30), Sebastien(Son, 13)
  • Hahdri , Mosel(Farmer 34), Emael(Wife 30), Sousa(Daughter, 12), Kirik(Son, 7), Bahal(Son, 2)
  • Medris , Hassad(Farmer 19) Sabina(Wife 19), Lahel(Daughter, 2)
  • Muthara , Osah(Herder 18), Borheem(Wife 16)
  • Odai , Obad(Herder 40), Marin(Wife 36), Sanna (Daughter, married to Liam Parson 20) Ihanli (Daughter, married to Geoffry Parson 16)
  • Gamal , Fahmir(Fisherman 37), Aminah(Wife 34), Borheem (Daughter, Wife to Osah Muthara 16) Jasim(Son 12, twin), Jordan(Son 12, twin)
  • Saad , Najib(Farmer 56), Yasamine(Wife 49), Oja(Son 24), Samra(Daughter 19)
  • Darjel , Samir (Herder 29) Isora (recently deceased), Leja (Daughter 12)


  • Seville , Grey(Farmer 47), Laurel(Wife 37), Maeline(Daughter 17), Orst(Son, 15)
  • Gerrick , Bjorn(Farmer 40), Erika(Wife 37), Thain(Son, 19), Mathew(Son 15), Helm(Son, 11), Nathan(Son, 6)
  • Leikennen , Karl(Farmer 37), Sari(Wife 35), Jorg(Son 14)
  • Stonewall , Harris(Tavern Owner 56), Vivian(Cook 52), Tabitha(Daughter, Server 30), Kristal(Daughter, Server 26), John(Son, Hunter 22), Jolene(Daughter, Server 20), Benjamin(Son, Gardener 18)
  • Keppel , Dorran (Farmer 22, Bachelor)

The Rumours and Legends of Cotrea

    (1000 years old) An age old legend of Cotrea speaks of a enchanting witch that resides deep in the Hazmahal Wood. She is said to be beautiful beyond description, and can seduce the will of any man, and woman. Many tell the story of her and her lover, once a noble man, cursed by a wizard from yesteryear, turned into a troll.

    (25 years old) Spirit of Ursa; A legend of a small girl that was taken by wolves and never again seen is a favourite amongst the citizens of Cotrea. The story goes that while she was playing hide and find in the South Commons, she disappeared and was never again seen. The children that were there that day, those now in their 30's, swear they saw her riding a wolf into the Hazmahal Wood. Now, villagers believe that her very spirit appears on the first snow each year at the edge of the Hazmahal Wood to grant a boon of a strong crop the next year. Many a citizen pray to the spirit of Ursa in times where luck need to be granted.

    (2 months old) Hasel Tundlebuck; Only recently has this rumour begun to spread, of a gnomish inventor who is in hiding somewhere in town. The villagers all whisper of this secretly, but no one has confirmed or denied the truth of it.

    (1 month old) The growing madness of Saimihal: All the villagers speak in hushed tones about the mental state of Legate Saimihal. His actions are growing more and more irrational. An odd state of affairs, even the orcs join in on the conversation with the villagers. Ever the cautious, the townsfolk try to keep mum on the subject when the orcs try to add their thoughts.

    (1 month old) Some townspeople believe there is a resistance cell operating in Cotrea. Rarely do people speak of it, to do too much would invite a whipping. This rumour is always denied, everyone saying that doing so would be paramount to suicide.

    (1 month old) With the recent passing of Obad Odai's father(5 months ago), a new rumour has come to light. Many had believed that Ola Odai was a channeler of some power, and before his death he prepared a powerful curse to plague the occupying forces. Some say that his curse is responsible for Saimihal's madness, some say it is the reason the wolves attack at night. As of the past week, several say they saw his angry spirit in the trees of the Hazmahal Wood.

Laws of Legate Saimihal

The Use of Tools
Legate Saimihal permits the following tools of trade;

  • Cutting tools, no blades longer than 4 inches. Blades fashioned for reasons other than helpful tools will be confiscated, and the owner dealt with accordingly.
  • Hunting Bows, no one person shall carry more than 5 arrows at any time for any reason!
  • Smithy Hammers, weighing no more than 2 lbs
  • Hunting Spears, illegal. Spears can be borrowed from the compound, but must be returned the same day. Failure to do so will be viewed as theft.
  • All tools are subject to inspection by officials, and can be revoked at any time.

Legate Saimihal permits travel as follows:

  • Villagers may travel no more than 1 mile outside town borders.
  • Special permission is granted on a case by case basis, all permission must be requested in writing, followed by a personal meeting with Saimihal.

Requisition of Goods
Legate Saimihal asks little in way of tribute:

  • It is understood that all requisition of goods must be completed in a timely fashion, recieving top priority.
  • It is understood that the harvest feeds Saimihal, Orc Sentries, Villagers, then the animals, in that order. Winter months are accounted for, then surplus is shipped to the war effort.

The Hazmahal Tavern
Legate Saimihal understands that good morale means productive workers.

  • It is understood that villagers recieve 2 passes per week to visit the tavern, which can be attained at the compound.

Legate Saimihal allows herbal treatments with these guidlines:

  • Only minor ailments and sicknesses are to be treated with herbs. All others are to be overseen by Legate Saimihal.
  • Herbs used to harm or alter the state of being of any persons is strictly forbidden.
  • All herbal components farmed or gathered must be presented to Saimihal in person for his personal approval.

Legate Saimihal strictly forbids any use of arcane magic.

  • Even the smallest infraction is punishable by death. You have been warned!
  • Any infractions to all these other rules will dealt with on a case by case basis.

The Forces of Legate Saimihal

Orc Commander: Gorang Second in Command: Targzaak Grunts:

  • Ordril(m)
  • Bamok(m)
  • Krus(m)
  • Darog(m)
  • Ilragor(m)
  • Verrek(f)
  • Polmoc(m)
  • Urkai(m)
  • Togruk(m)
  • Timrel(m)
  • Ogdgai(m)
  • Felzar(m)
  • Kahit(m)
  • Unau(m)
  • Mahjta(m)
  • Guaga(m)
  • Iathkil(m)
  • Rhaja(f)
  • Jogar(m)
  • Pegeril(m)
  • Saijin(m)
  • Porocos(m)
  • Jerl(m)
  • Wurugas(f)
  • Chentrolok(m)
  • Ocarmasa(f)
  • Bartrak(f)
  • Kergo(m)
  • Illigana(f)
  • Trosofain(m)

    All Orcish Male Grunts are armed with a Vardatch, Scale Mail, and Iron helmets.
    All Orcish Female Grunts are armed with a Longbow, Chainshirt, and Iron Helmets.

Herbs of Cotrea

There are a few varieties of local herbs that are available within one mile of Cotrea. Harvesting depends on time of year, as many are seasonal plants.

Horcha Root
Applied:Ingested only
Open Use: Legal
Description: The Horcha Root is found on the outer edges of the Hazmahal Wood. It is a yellow root, lightly speckled with orange flecks. The leaves are almost always a golden brown that is easily found amongst the dark green grasses in which it grows. Horcha Root is very useful in relieving sore and upset stomachs due to undercooked or rotten food. Horcha Root is boiled in water until the root itself turns a brownish colour, then the liquid is served as a beverage.
Mechanics: Horcha Tea removes 2 points of poisoning contacted by foul foods. This includes intentional poisoning by weaker poison.(Save DC 12 or lower)

Applied:Salve only
Open Use:Legal
Description: Balma is a fairly common weed found in the tall grasses of Cotrea. It is light green in colour with large, palm shaped leaves. The leaves end in sharp prickles, so many herbalists wear gloves to extract the plant. Balma is a very useful plant in treating cuts, both minor and major. The plant is heated over hot stones for several hours until near brittle. When brittle, the herbalist takes the leaf and crushes it into a cloth or bandage. The bandage is applied directly to the wound and left for one full day.
Mechanics: Balma Salves heal 1 point of wound damage, and increase natural healing rate by 2.(Ex: 1st level fighter would heal 3HP per day)

Bark of the Ancestor Trees
Rarity:Very Rare
Applied:Salve, Ingested, Smoked
Open Use:Illegal
Description: This herb is harvested from the rare Ancestor Trees located in the tree farm of the South Commons. As the trees are exceedingly rare, the bark that can be harvested is equally rare. This 'herb' can be very potent when concocted by a master herbalist. Its main purpose is in the aid of dying or sick individuals, however, it can also be used to exact sickness and dying in others. The bark is a soft, yet very durable dark brown that smells of wet pine. A salve is prepared much in the same way as Balma, but the time of heating is much longer. For optimum use of the bark, 4 days of heating is required at a low temperature (Small fires work the best). Ingested, the bark is set to boil with fresh water, and a sprinkle of South Commons grass. It is served as a tea. Smoked bark is prepared much the same way as the salve, and the bark is ground into a blocky powder. It is then smoked either through a pipe, or via wrapped leaves.
Mechanics: Salve- The salve is the least common form of application. A salve simply removes exterior diseases upon application. (Boils, warts, even leprosy) The salve is worn until the disease is expunged, the more serious the disease, the longer it is worn. Common diseases usually require 2 days of constant application, more lethal as high as one month.

Ingested- Boiled as a tea, the bark is filtered out along with the grass after completion. This tea is odourless, and tastes of a fine green tea, leaving no aftertaste. There are two forms of this tea, and only a master herbalist should attempt to make either one. One form is a healing potion, which shortens the boiling time drastically. Timing is absolutely critical to assuring success, and not disaster. A Healing Tea instantly cures minor diseases(Ex:Common cold, flu, pneumonia, diarreah.) by cleaning out the body system completely. This can happen in a number of fashions, and herbalists are recommended to inform those in their care of the side effects. The second form is a deadly poison. A master herbalist must boil the tea for two shiftings of the sun to ensure the poison is complete. Once served, the recipient must make two Fortitude saves against poison. (DC 16). The primary effect is 2d6 Con damage, the second is paralysis for 2d6 hours.

Smoked- Ancestor Bark smoked is a delicacy rarely enjoyed. It is a smooth wood taste, and has the fine aroma of a summer campfire. It does have one side effect however, and any who have smoked the bark are familiar with it. One Fortitude save is required when smoking (DC 11), if failed the recipient is considered Dazed. Many speak of the hallucinagenic properties Ancestor Bark has, and there are many tales of visions enjoyed at the expense of this bark.

Sasti Berries
Open Use:Illegal
Description: Sasti Berries are a bright orange, red seeded berry found all over the North and South Commons. They grow in large bunches, and the berry itself is roughly the size of an adult's fingernail. Plump, juicy, but extremely bitter, the Sasti Berry is edible, but not enjoyable. Herbalists use this berry as a way to empower their people. The Sasti Berry is collected in the summer or fall, and ground in a pestle until its texture is that of a gooey paste. The paste is then soaked in goats milk for one passing of the sun, and then ground once again in a stone pestle. A favoured form of ingestion is on bread, or taken straight, but sprinkled with sugar. The taste is awful, and the aftertaste worse, leaving the mouth dry and sore.
Mechanics: The paste has two properties. The first is a sense effect. The recipient gains +4 to Spot, Listen, Search, and Move Silently for one passing of the sun. (4 hours) The second effect is a bonus to reactions, and the recipient gains +2 bonus to initiative. The accelerated state affects the body adversely, and when the berry has run its course, leaves the person tired and weak. They suffer from Fatigued penalties until they rest a full night.

Aloia Leaf
Applied:Gnaw Root, Smoked
Open Use: Illegal
Description: Aloia Leaf is the leaf found on the Ancestor Tree. They are a blue green colour, almost perfectly round, and 20 inches in diameter. Unlike the bark of the trees, the leaves are rough, spined and firm. Aloia Leaf is prepared by lengthy process, spanning several days. For a Aloia Leaf to be successfully used, the plant cannot be exposed the sunlight throughout its preparation. On the first day, the herbalist must roll it leaf into a long tube and bind it with a soft twine or ribbon. The leaf is then to be placed on a warm hearth (not hot) and left until First Light the next day. On the second day, the leaf should have hardened, its texture and density that of a smooth stone. The leaf is then unrolled, which is a very difficult task, as the leaf is now near solid. Once unrolled, the herbalist spreads Sasti berry paste along the surface(The surface that will be inward once rerolled). Then, the leaf is rerolled and placed on the hearth until the following First Light. The third day will decide the plants fate, a s
moking leaf, or a Gnaw Root. For smoking, the herbalist grinds the leaf into powder, and seals it into an container. Any air that leaks into the container ruins the pipeleaf. For Gnaw Root, the leaf is submerged in water, then boiled over a hot fire until the water is gone. The leaf will be left as a near rubbery stick, tasting bitter and dry.
Mechanics: Smoked- Pipe smoked Aloia Leaf grants the user relaxation and focus of mind. +2 to all Willpower saves, and +2 to all craft/profession skill checks.

Gnaw Root- The gnaw root is very volitile. The green liquid that oozes from the stick enters the system very quickly. After 5 Rounds has passed, the user gains incredible muscle co-ordination, strength and speed. +2 Strength, +2 Dex, and +4 temporary HP. The bonus lasts for 1 hour. As with the Sasti Berries, the effect wears on the users body, and results in a Fatigued penalty when it has run its course.

Polti Sugars
Applied:Ingested only
Open Use: Legal, under review
Description: Polti Sugars are harvested from the Polti plant, a rare flower found within the Hazmahal Wood. The flower has beautiful blue splashed violet petals that portrude from a central stalk. The flower is very small, only one inch high, but the roots run very deep. Polti flowers are almost always found growing in the moss of very old Pine trees. The sugar is found in the dark green roots, and is very difficult to extract. A very precise sliver must be made at the base of a root. If the sliver is too large, the root dies and shrivels instantly. A silver liquid drips from the root, if performed properly, enough to fill a thimble.(Each Polti flower has roughly 4 main roots). The liquid is then processed through heat, carefully applied by the herbalist. When all but a granulated substance remains, the Polti Sugar is complete. Polti sugar is very sweet, and can make any meal taste fantastic.
Mechanics: Polti sugars are perhaps the Cotrean villagers greatest secret. One pinch of Polti sugars is enough to make its effects known. The sugar is used only in desperate circumstances. When ingested, the sugar takes roughly 1 minute (12 rounds) to take effect. The recipient gains the Run feat during the sugars duration of effect, on top of which, can run as fast as he can without growing tired. Once the sugar has run its course, however, a Fortitude save (DC 19) is required. Failure results in instant unconsciousness. A successful save negates the unconscious side effect, but regardless, he is Exhuasted.

Firewash Mushrooms
Season:Spring/Summer/Early Fall
Open Use: Illegal
Description: The Firewash mushroom is a large headed, colour bright fungus. Its stem is always a pale white, but the head is an array of colours that vary from plant to plant. The name comes from their origin, as Firewash Mushrooms only grow after a forest fire. An easy to use herb, the recipient simply ingests the mushroom whole, no preperation is necessary. It is in the extraction and harvest of the plant that presents difficulty. Firewash Mushrooms almost always grow near the Hazmahal Viper plant, a predatory vine that is extremely venomous. Those that wish to extract the mushroom must first bypass the Viper, as the Viper itself protects the mushrooms fiercly. Many do not understand the reason the Viper does so, but many speculate that the mushrooms are the source of the Vipers venom, and the relationship is symbiotic. A viper plant attacks by lashing out with thin vines that are covered in thorns. The thorns hold potent venom, and when they break skin, inject it into the victim. Viper plants can be bypassed either through killing the plant, or by using Firewash Mushroom juices as perfume.(the latter method is known only to very experienced herbalists(Profession DC20). Firewash mushrooms are essentially flavourless, a hint of dry dirt as aftertaste, and grant the imbiber clarity of thought and insight into their interaction with others.
Mechanics: Firewash mushrooms grant the Imbiber +2 to all Charisma based, social skills and +2 to all Knowledge skill checks until the mushroom runs its course, two passings of the sun (8 hours). However, the mushroom leaves the mind foggy and unreceptive after the body has absorbed it, and the imbiber suffers -2 to Wisdom for one passing of the sun(4 hours).
    Hazmahal Viper Plant- +2 Melee (1d2 dmg), 4hp, AC 12, Viper Poison(Fort DC12), Primary 1d3 Strength, Secondary 1d3 Strength. The Viper Poison may also be harvested, and it has the same properties as listed above. It is applied through injury only.

Black Moss
Rarity:Very High
Open Use:Illegal
Description: Black Moss is found in the coldest time of winter beneath the roots of pine trees. It is, as the name suggests, a pitch black moss, speckled very lightly by tiny white dots, barely visible to the eye. Black Moss has a foul stench when harvested, so powerful that it can daze the strongest man. (Fort DC 11, or be Nausiated) Black Moss is used on the most serious of wounds, its healing properties unmatched. To properly prepare Black Moss, a herbalist must ensure that it is kept moist until applied. Then, the white specks must be cut out one by one, until none remain. To leave the white specks is folly, as they would infect the wound in a matter of hours, and kill the recipient not long after. This requires the skill of a master herbalist, as there are many specks, and each are tiny. Then, the moss can be applied directly to the wound, and fastened by a clean bandage. The recipient must be of strong constitution, as the black moss heals, it also drains.
Mechanics When applied, the moss works almost instantaneously, removing 10 points of wound damage. It continues to heal 2 points wound damage every hour thereafter, until removed. This process is usually overseen by a herbalist for if it is left for too long, the moss can kill the user. For every hour the moss is left on, it drains 1 point of Strength (Temporary). If the recipient is reduced to 0 Strength, his muscles atrophy, and the drain becomes permanent, removed only by a lesser restoration spell.

Local Events

    Two weeks ago, Earldrig Carst, the town hunter, stumbled into town from the Hazmahal Wood, layered in deep cuts. His bow was snapped, and all his arrows spent. Taken immediately to Saimihal, he was healed and laid to rest in his home. (Saimihal couldn't go without his salted deer meat, now, could he?) When Earldrig finally came to, he spoke of his encounter. He tells the tale that he was hunting a few miles into the Hazmahal Wood, past the advised safety zones, when he came across one of the largest deer he had laid eyes on. When he went to slay it, the beast sensed his location, and charged. Earldrig fired off all five of his arrows, and he claimed that each one found a mortal target, yet it still came. Earldrig then says he remembers little, only the collision, and then using his skinning knife on the beast. He awoke hours later, the beast gone, and then he stumbled home.

    Two days ago, several Orcs were seen bullying Fahmir, demanding his catches of the day. Fahmir refused, saying that the food was for the village, and that only Saimihal could take the food. Fahmir was beaten very badly, but Saimihal took him in and healed him. With that, Saimihal gave a public meeting, and had the orcs whipped before the village crowd. He said he would not tolerate such acts anymore.

    One month ago, Elenor Mirand was seen at the edge of the Hazmahal Wood collecting cooking mushrooms with an unknown person. When they were approached, the mysterious associate of Elenor took to the woods. The orcs pursued, but found no trace of the person. Elenor was taken for questioning, and she ademently swore she never saw anyone with her. She returned to town several days later, beaten and bruised. Elenor has refused company, and has yet to leave her home since the incident.

    One week ago, Isora Dorjel passed away from an unknown disease. Saimihal was brought in to tend to her, but he said the disease was beyond his power to heal. No one could stop what happened, and not long after she contacted the disease, she died. The symptoms were very minor, Isora was always tired, and she had trouble keeping food down, but no one expected a death. There has been much fear of the disease, as the last day Isora was alive, her skin became like liquid, literally dripping from her body. It has been called the Melting Rot Disease.

Author: Gredavin.

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