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Common Folk - Pa Meets the Heroes
Half Past Eleven - The players come across a small farm in the dead of a fat mooned night. There is a barn and silo next to a modest farmhouse.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - On the roof of the barn are three boys, the farmers' sons, armed with home-made bows and Orcish arrows, salvaged from a nearby slaughter.

Once the boys catch sight or hear the players they will wake up their father and the rest of their brothers. If the players approach the boys they are eager to hear new of the outside world but are wary of the strangers.

If the players mention their activities against the Shadow one of the boys is particularly curious, seeming to want to join the good fight himself.

Midnight - The father will let the players know that if they leave now, quickly and quietly he won't report their movement to the local Legate but if they try any foolery or nonsense or talk any ideas of heroic idiocy into his sons' skulls he will give a holler that will send his slightest son on his fastest horse right for the local Legate's manor.

One of the boys is quite keen on being a hero, having no idea of the sacrifice or pain involved in such a life in the Third Age. If the players aren't quite careful the boy will sneak away and follow them, hoping to join their cause but gaining the ire of the father who will inform the local Legate of the direction the party and any information he gleaned from their meeting.

Author: Judd Karlman

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