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Against the Shadow  |  Organizations  |  The Shadow’s Answer to the Resistance
The Shadow’s Answer to the Resistance
The Shadow’s Answer to the Resistance


    Sometimes, it happens that an elf combatant is captured alive and “interrogated” by a legate. If the fey’s spirit can be broken, he can join the Blackwood company (see City of Shadow) or earn his “redemption” through a vile ritual that makes him a Night Hunter, one of Izrador’s killers. Such elves trade their lives for services to the Shadow as assassins. They make it their specialty to kill their former fellow elf leaders, thus giving some significant edge to the Shadow in the fight for Erethor.
    Prestige class suggestion: Night Hunter from Age of Legend (DawnForge).

The Night Stalkers

    Before the final invasion of Erenland by the Shadow’s forces, there was a sect that was feared all across Eredane. It acted as Izrador’s assassins, and sowed fear and distrust among the free people of Eredane. Their services were heavily used during the 2nd and 3rd Age, and in the Last Age they were almost forgotten as there were no more enemies to be assassinated.
    But recently, the Cabal restored this ancient and glorious sect for its own agenda. Officially, the Night Stalkers are “sacred assassins”, who specialize in spreading vengeance and fear. They are said to accomplish the Order’s will wherever they go, but they also fulfil the last prayers of those who die while giving their souls to the Shadow with revenge in their minds. No crime goes unpunished with them, and many people of occupied Erenland have come to see them as the only way to get “justice” in the Last Age, since they are not afraid to eliminate a hated legate (usually a Devout) to right the wrongs he might have done to his flock. Of course, many do not want to pay the heavy price of giving their souls to Izrador (usually this means they are sacrificed to a zordrafin corith), so the range of activities of the sect is modest indeed, but their fame is a wonderful tool for the Cabal to use in their fight against the Devout. Sometimes the Night Stalkers “eliminate” an impopular traitor prince, who apparently is always replaced by another who appears to be in league with the Cabal.
    Prestige class suggestion: Nightstalker from the Black Company Campaign Setting (just remove the Sabotage ability)

The Warriors of the Lodge

    It is rumoured among the ranks of desperate fighters, both Dorn refugees and Erunsil who feel that they are losing the war, that new warrior rites have been devised to keep an edge against the enemy in the war for the Erethor. These rites are only proposed to those who display the utmost savagery during a fight, and there have begun to form specific bands of combatants acting with such ways, for the elves did not tolerate their perverted rituals. Clearly Izrador used the despair of the combatants to make something else. Every time a lodge was formed, the pattern was the same: lured with the promise of gaining some of their enemies’ strengths, the members of the Lodge became increasingly more savage until they escaped all control, broke loose to form their own bands and slew all that they met, be they orcs or elfs. Later they somehow became bounty hunters for the Shadow, seeking the most powerful fighters they could meet to take their powers for themselves. Always such techniques are presented like brand-new combat techniques by a veteran Dorn or Erunsil who happens to have been killed a few days ago in another part of the forest. Some whisper that these practices were performed by the “Motherless Ones” orcs before Izrador tamed them, and even he forbid them their use. Many fear that the famous “Orc-men” might soon be infected with this spiritual poison. Actually a high-level legate (acting with various disguise spells and charm-person effects) is spreading the Lodge concept to various bands of warriors to disconnect them from other elves, and in turn make them his own puppets. Even some bands of brigands have been infected with the Lodge.
    Prestige class suggestion: Warrior of the Lodge from Age of Legend (DawnForge).

Author: smeagol.

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