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Against the Shadow  |  Tales & Stories  |  The Singing Wood
The Singing Wood

The Singing Wood

    When Izrador and his foul minions finally invaded Eredane, one of the Dark God’s first goal was to wipe out the knowledge of men. The vast libraries of Highwall were burned to the ground in fanatic pyres, leaving only smoke and dust out of hundreds of ancient tomes.
Determined to fight against this loss of their ancestral knowledge, some men went back throughout the roads of Eredane, passing from farms to village, from mill to inns, trying to spread the remains of the members of their people wherever they could.
    But the Shadow unleashed is trackers and one after the other, those brave bards disappeared.
    One of the last to be captured was a man known as Erol Eighdöl, the Scald. For many arcs he had roamed the shores of the Pellurian Sea telling stories and tales that many among his kind had already forgotten. Songs and stories of fight and hope were sung in the places where he had been. Bits of knowledge survived thanks to him.
    Every time, the hunters and the Legates were too late too catch him. Mad at his continuous evasions, they often killed some villagers to make an example. Yet, there were always men to remember the stories of Erol the Scald.
    As he was in a small harbour telling the fishermen how the united armies of feys and men had pu shed back Izrador’s armies in the First and Second Age, he was betrayed by one of the villagers who alerted the closest outpost. During the night, a battalion of orcs and men arrived, captured Erol, burned his books and broke his musical instruments.
    The Scald was beaten for hours and taken to a small wood near the village. The minions of Izrador hanged him to a great oak, under the supervision of the legates, side by side with the man who betrayed him. The Scald only stopped singing when the rope broke his neck.
    Since that night, when the wind from the Sea of Pelluria reaches the branches of theses trees, the Song of the Fortress Wall can be heard, a song of sacrifice, honor, death and fight telling how feys and men alike managed to break the advance of Izrador’s armies in the darkest days of the war.
    It is said that people who hear that song leave the wood with a a renewed faith in tomorrow.

Author: Mask

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