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Against the Shadow  |  Adventure Hooks  |  Common Folk - To a Better Place
Common Folk - To a Better Place
Half Past Eleven - Players come across a young couple, trying to survive on a farm where the former tennants were dumped in a mass grave by Orcs of the ________ Tribe. The entire farm stinks of death and destruction.

The couple arrived only a fortnight ago and the wife gave birth to a healthy young boy.

Quarter to the Witching Hour - The couple hears where the players are headed and ask the players to take their child with them since they have relatives there because they've heard that the Shadow's grip isn't so tight out there.

Midnight - The child will mature into arcane powers but even now its seed of power has attracted the attention of a astriax-possessed wolf, a Wildlander Legate and/or his pack of hunting Orcs.

Author: Judd Karlman

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