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Against the Shadow

09 Dec 2006 - Midnight Chronicles Update

The Midnight Film Website has been updated with information and downloads, they say the movie entered what they call phasew two, the cut they work on from now on is already 90 minutes long and they will still be adding effects, soundtrack and color to it, but the rough phase is gone, phase two seems to be a little more about lapidating the thing.

Additionally they have added two videos for our delight, the second documentary titled "From Game to Film" (51.2 Mb, download it here) explains what the Midnight rpg is and how it evolved from that to the movie, not that we need that ourselves, and the second movie is a promotional trailer screened at GenCon SoCal this year (10.11 Mb, download it here), it is short, 60 second long.

07 Dec 2006 - New Midnight Character Sheet

I've finished and uploaded my latest Midnight 2E character sheet. you can find it in the Downloads section.


Feedback is welcome. I'm also up for making some modified versions using some variant rules if the requests are within reason.


05 Dec 2006 - Upgrades are complete

The updates are all done and the theme is all set, Todd has even added a new banner to the site, so you guys can now enjoy the edit in line new feature (no more a new screen to change a post) and the report to moderator option for private messages, because i am well aware that a few spammers do not post, they merely send PMs.

I still have a few things on my to do list, if there is anything else to be done feel free to add, right now I will be doing the following:
  • Make signatures show onkly in the first post of each user in a given page
  • Change post icon options
  • Change the color options shown in the  drop down menu.

Other than that I wil have to work through the 80 articles still pending approval, and work on the Tome of Sorrows vol2.

03 Dec 2006 - Forum Upgrades

I'm running some upgrades to the forum software this morning so some things might render improperly or seem unstable while this is happening.

The upgrade ran fine, but the TinyPortal software didn't seem to make the transition, so I'll be looking into that as time permits. Until then, the forums seem to be working fine.

Okay, I've got TP working again, but for some reason we are missing a "forum" button.

So for now, use http://www.againsttheshadow.org/index.php?action=forum to get to the forums. Updating the site's look is going to take me some time, and since I've got little of that to spare, please be patient over the next couple of weeks while Nif and I get things sorted out.


25 Nov 2006 - FFG Holyday Sale, lots of products for 5 dollars

Fantasy Flight Games is holding another of those 5 dollars sale for the holydays, it started on the 21st and will go until December the 4th, it includes Board games, card games and rpg games and one can find the 1st edition Midnight setting book in there, so if you want to know how Midnight first came about this is a good chance.

You can check the whole list of products included in the sale here
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