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Against the Shadow

12 Dec 2007 - Game Geeks #37 - Midnight review

A a nice positive (how could it be otherwise?) review for Midnight from Game Geeks.

03 Dec 2007 - FFG Sale Last Day and Honor

Honor is on the boat, given FFG usual schedule this means about a month before it is available on the shelves of your game store, let us hope for a nice Christmas gift then! Addtiionally:

FFG Holiday Sale: LAST DAY!

Monday is the final day to take advantage of the huge deals on classic FFG games during our holiday sale! The prices revert to normal at midnight Central Time (-6:00GMT), so if you've been waiting to pick up that gift for the gamers on your list, today it the deadline!

03 Dec 2007 - New on the site

I have dropped by today and approved a bit of new content, Valinthandal's Hope, a new Mundane Item, a Barbarian class with tiers on the styel fo the defender and wildlander classes from 2nd edition is available for download, and a new Midnight font is ready to be used, forget a font that lacks a few characters, use the new free one found here.

Thanks go to smeagol, arnon and Dain for the content, respectively.

May the Shadow guide your blade.

21 Nov 2007 - FFG Sale

FFG is having their annual sale. It looks like they are advertising Midnight Second Edition for $5, but when I added it to my cart it stated that it was $10. Still a great deal; but the even better deal is that Fury is selling for $5 and I just bought a copy.

08 Nov 2007 - Grimm News, or not

Grimm is on the boat, this means it will soon be out, for those who have been waiting for it, bear with us as this book is finally going to see the light of day, and make the lives of children darker and more dangerous than ever before! Additionally a new website has been launched for the product as well, not much new in it however.

No news on Honor yet...
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