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Against the Shadow

07 Jan 2008 - Tome of Sorrows vol 2: 500 downloads & ToS vol3???

Sometime in the last few days the Tome of Sorrows volume 2 has reached the 500 downloads mark, given the month and how the holidays have affected the site in the other years this is quite impressing, so if you have comments or doubts, don't hold them, be them good or not!

Additionally, smeagol has started work on the Tome vol3 content, he gave ideas for chapters and already posted a lot of things to be used in it, those wishing to help, write, criticize or just read more of his work, just drop by the forums, on the follwing thread.

25 Dec 2007 - Downtime today

We had a downtime today due to some heavy spam attacks on my domain name mail addresses, after that the account was suspended and the means they used to attack were then dealt with, it should all be back to normal now. Also, I want to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone, specially to those who are around here today.


22 Dec 2007 - The Tome of Sorrows vol. 2 is Here!

Tome of Sorrows vol. 2: The Shadow Ascendant

Even the Mightiest of all Heroes can Fall…

The Shadow won, but even now, a hundred years after the fall of Erenland to the armies of Eredane there are still those who stand their ground and try to undo what careful planning has achieved. But the Shadow is prepared for those called heroes…

The second installment in the Tome of Sorrows series of netbooks for the award winning Midnight setting brings to you new tools and weapons to be used in the name of the Shadow in the North against the insurgence.

Inside this book you will find new prestige and legendary classes, a new core class, the Kurasatch Udareen, or mother-wives of Izrador, as well as more than 15 new Villainous Paths, over 30 new creatures and more!

Tome of Sorrows vol. 2 The Shadow Ascendant
106 Pages
Available Now!

22 Dec 2007 - Honor and Shadow Table of Contents

I picked up Honor and Shadow yesterday from my LGS. Here's the table of contents:


Chapter One: The Old North
The Great Houses
The Shadow Works
   Corruption of the Dorns
   Conflict in Shadow
Lights of the North
   The Anuhlir
   The First Dorns
   The Mhors
   The Vigdir

Chapter Two: Gazetteer of the North
Bastion District
   The Fall of Bastion
   The Clanless and the Cursed
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
Chandering District
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
Lower Ishensa District
   The Fall of Davindale
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
Fallport District
   The Fall of Cale
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
The Pirate Princes
   A Century of Darkness
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
Port Esben District
   The Fall of Port Esben
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow
Riismark District
   The Fall of Riismark
   The Shadow
   Against the Shadow

Chapter Three: New Rules
Strength of Spirit
   Dornish Legacy Traits
Covenant Items
   Ancestral Warrior
   Ancestral Hero
Prestige Class: Spirirt Speaker
   New Spells

14 Dec 2007 - Tome of Sorrows vol 2, Site and All Things Nif

Hey everyone! I am still alive, and well, even though life has been demanding and kept me away from the site for quite a while now, but I do drop by once in a while, read a few posts and work with a few things Midnight on the background. I wanted to let you know a few things as I got a little more time with the computer right now.

First the long awaited, long delayed and forever promised Tome of Sorrows volume 2. It is still in the works, I know, it is taking longer than forever, 2nd edition of the setting came, 4th edition has been announced and is just around the corner and this thing is still in the works. thing is, I haven't dropped it out of my schedule and am nearing the end of it, I hope to have it sooner than you are thinking at this time. No more promises, but I have picked a few things to do and selected some to drop for the first release, leaving them for the community to help after it is out.

Second, I know the site needs the remaining 50 articles that are pending, and I also had a few offers of old content sent to me as PMs, I will get to those once the Tome is out, so just keep it coming, don't hold back, any new work is not placed on this queue but is dealt with right away instead. Additionally, I am considering on reviewing all "staff" positions on the site, to reflect the current state (this means moderation, administration and anything else one can do behind the scenes on the site). Right now it looks like I am the one doing most of that stuff.

Other than that, I would like to thank everyone who is keeping this community alive, the PMs and e-mails sent to me and all, I miss all the old folks, and meeting the newcomers, reading your posts and debating ideas is something I miss and plan to come back to. So keep the community around for me okay. I am Gming a slow Midnight game right now, using the Unisystem rules (cinematic or light version, found in Buffy or Angel, with changes), and plan to share my ideas and thoughts with you guys soon enough.

May the Shadow be with you all, my friends!
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