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Against the Shadow

28 Nov 2008 - FFG End of Year sale!

Another opportunity for you to grab all Midnight books you need for a much lower price, visit FFG's online store for more information!

26 Oct 2008 - Update your bookmarks to: www.againsttheshadow.net

The new home of AtS is now www.againsttheshadow.net please update your bookmarks.

21 Oct 2008 - Software upgrades and new domain

On this weekend I will be updating the site's software and some downtime is expected, in the meantime I have also signed a domain for the site and will update the site to start working with it instead of the current temporary domain, unfortunately the troubles that happened with the older domain aren't finished yet and ats.org is still in hold, but I managed to get www.againsttheshadow.net and it is already pointed to the site's main page.

It won't work fine right now since the site itself is still using the temporary domains, but you can already update your bookmarks, the temporary address will be kept for routing purposes and I think the links on the site should not have any trouble finding the directed pages, though they might have a trouble with login information (cookies are used for that and they are on a domain basis).

The other changes I have in mind include a revamp of the site's theme, look and layout and to restructure the site's team, as most of the people don't seem to be around any more and most of the work falls on my shoulders right now. More when I have something ready to be implemented.



14 Oct 2008 - New character sheet

A new character sheet has been uploaded to our downloads section, check it out!

12 Oct 2008 - Midnight Comic??!!!

Gabboge has posted  the first page of a Midnight web comic he is making for his own pleasure on our forums, it seems to be based on Crown of Shadow though, so care when checking it out. Wink

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