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Against the Shadow

08 Aug 2006 - The Shadow Falls: Secret Revealed

Fantasy Flight Games announced the creation of its media division, Landroval Studioes, and the production of Midnight Chronicles, a feature film set in the world of Midnight. You can read more about the production on the Midnight Film website, but I can tell you this is the very first production of the studio built in 2005 and the movie has been started on April 2006 and is expected to be finished and ready by November. Being 45 minuts long it will also be a pilote episode for a continued series that will hopefully be broadcast in the USA and sold in DVD or some other format.

According to the small information on the film story it is going to be:

"the epic narrative that tells the tale of two legendary characters, one for the cause of good, the other for the cause of evil. This is the story of their rise, their struggle, and ultimately their fate, as their destinies become intertwined with that of the world and the dark god that occupies it."

There are also trailers (13 Mb low resolution, 40 Mb medium resolution and a forthcoming 150 Mb high resoltuion), hinting at the legate, loss of faith, "covenant places" and featuring a small show of Midnight's basic premise, The Sundering the trailer does not fail to impress. You must have quicktime or quicktime plugin installed to view the trailer, get it for free here.

Currently there is no information on the cast or crew of the film but the Gen Con booth will feature a trailer (uncertain if the same) and production documentary that may shed some light on those issues.

07 Aug 2006 - Destiny of Shadow Revealed

Fantasy Flight Games passed along a look at the Destiny of Shadow cover as well as the product text for Destiny of Shadow.

Destiny of Shadow

Deep in the heart of Shadow-occupied territory, a legend slumbers. Hope lies hidden within the hearts of those without land or honor, without history or faith. And waiting for the Shadow, in its not-too-distant future, is destiny.

Destiny of Shadow delves into the forgotten, ignored, and underestimated Erenlanders. They dwell beneath the Shadow's rule, living their entire lives in servitude and degradation. They barely put up a fight when Izradorís forces conquered their lands, and the Erenlanders are now seen as utterly beaten, trudging about their work with bowed heads and empty hearts. Yet their land is the soft underbelly of the enemy, the place where the Shadow's minions have become the most complacent, and where the people have nothing to lose. It is a place ripe for rebellion. And it is here that the Hidden King, returned from exile, is gathering support to move against the foe.

Destiny of Shadow continues the gazetteer exploration of Eredane, highlighting the supposedly occupied and hopeless lands in the center of the continent. This 64-page supplement examines the history of this besieged land, focusing on the invasion that spelled its doom. The book also contains detailed information about the people and places of Erenland, both those previously known and those who have heretofore remained hidden. Finally, Destiny of Shadow offers new feats, spells, and prestige classes unique to Erenland to enhance players' experiences.

Title: Midnight: Destiny of Shadow
Product Code: MN17
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 1-58994-332-5

07 Aug 2006 - Rob's rant on Hand of Shadow

It is somewhat old news, but it was not featured on th site before, Rob Vaughn has made a rant on the Hand of Shadow product on the last 24th of July, scrol down to find his rant.

He starts by saying he was worried with the product when it went to printers and ends up saying he got a completely different impression by the time the product got back and he looked at it in release format. There is a link to a preview of the product too, which was posted on the old site, it features the Redeemer prestige class for legates.

If you have the product and is reading or has already read it, share you thoughts and comments on it and Rob's rant on the boards by choosing to comment this thread.
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