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Against the Shadow

30 Sep 2006 - Midnight Chronicles Cast & Crew Updated!

The Midnight Chronicles website has been updated with information on the cast & crew of the film, and hopefully TV series. They also present the characters name played by the crew, among which we can only recognize Aradil.

Among the actors we can recognize those presented in the trailer, true, but we also learned that two of them worked on the hilarious Fear of the Girls, which seems to be getting a sequel too.

You can also get a little inside information onthe film production from Charles Hubbel''s (one of the leading actors) journal, at his website.


22 Sep 2006 - Midnight Chronicles: Principal Photography Completed

A little old news but not reported here before, Jeremy has made a rant on FFG's site about how they finished the principal photography for Midnight Chronicles, the rant is from the 9th of September and says the studio has been owrking on CGI sincec the beggining of the shootings, with the photography stage done they expect the film to be done in early 2007.

Despite the call to keep an eye on the film website it has not seen any update since it launched.

21 Sep 2006 - Sad News: Old Site Down

Some of you have already noticed, others will take sometime even with this news item, but www.pathsoflegend.org is gone, the site now points to Code Monkey publishing instead. The reason is less than nice, due to some unfortunate events the server where the site was has lost all data, including every single piece of information we produced in all this years.

It is just fortunate that we have been able to be a step ahead of this and made our move to this site a while back, specially because if we were still there we would not only have lost everything, we would probably not make a new site anytime soon. With smeagol's frenzied interest in bringing us the best of the old site, which he had saved to his HD and a few other people's help we have been able to save some of the content in this site, not the best content neither the most useful or liked, but some of the content nevertheless.

You must remember that we assured the old site wouldn't be going anywhere, sadly we are in a situation where it seems keeping our promise won't be possible. We do have a backup of the old site, it probably does not have all content you could find there, especially in the case of attachments and downloads submitted to the site, but it does exist. The problem is that putting it back online in the current server is not an option at all, and we don't have any other place to look for.

If you think you have an alternative we are more than willing to hear it, and we will also be missing dearly from what we had there, but sometimes we have to accept bad things too. Join us in our loss or end our suffering by shedding some hope, as always comments and rants are welcome.



10 Sep 2006 - Darkness Falls at new Address

LeaderDesslok just reported that Darkness Falls, the Midnight open game content website has now a new home, after a few months of wait he purchased his own domain and moved the site to a much easier to remember address: http://darknessfalls.leaderdesslok.com/

The original thread can be found here. If you ever wondered where you could find that site before, we would like to call your attention to the right menu from the frontpage, where the link to this OGC site and a few other Midnight places on the web are located.

09 Aug 2006 - Welcome to Against the Shadow!

Well fellow Midnight fans, we have survived yet another move. Thanks to the diligent help of several people, including Nifelhein, Bleak Knight, Glacialas, and Dirigible we've made our big move to a faster and more reliable server.

We’ve got registration open an easy right now to accommodate the large migration of users from the old site to the new one. After about a week or so I will turn on the option that requires moderators to approve new members to the site. This should slow down or stop the spam that we suffered through at the old site.

The new forums and portal software offer some exciting new features that I hope everyone comes to enjoy. Other than a cleaner look the site loads faster and should all together make for a more enjoyable experience.

The old site will continue to be available at www.pathsoflegend.org until I can get the archived database up and running at the new server. Within the next couple of days we will be locking down that database. In fact, everything posted within the last week will be lost as the last database backup was made a week ago. So, while the site is still up at www.pathsoflegend.org make sure to copy what you need because the new archive might not have recent posts.

We’ve still got a lot of material to migrate over to the new server and lots of articles to add, but we already have a head start on that. In the coming weeks we will make sure more material is moved. If you'd like to volunteer to move material don't hesitate to ask.

So, welcome to the new Against the Shadow, Midnight Fan Site and I hope you enjoy yourselves!

Todd Antill, Webmaster of Against the Shadow
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