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Against the Shadow

27 Oct 2006 - Midnight Film: Photo Gallery

The Midnight Film website has changed the Trailers and Downloads section to have divisions: Photo Gallery, featuring one gallery with many photographs already; a Wallpapers section, soon to come but it seems the home image and the preview wallpapers might all be something to be added in there; a Trailers section, where the trailers are now, and a Documentaries secion, where the making of released is now.

While they announced this eariler this week we have kept the news until something new was added, also they state they will be making weekly updates to the site.

19 Oct 2006 - Midnight Film Spreading Wings

The Midnight Film website has been updated with a link to a myspace page for the film, in that one we can also learn that the trailer we have all seen before has been uploaded to Youtube, and there is a version with Spanish subtitles too, so if you have a not so good understanding of english or  a group of spanish players who do not understand english at all, you may have a chance to spread a little word of the film now.

17 Oct 2006 - Midnight Chronicles Update: Extras & Special Thanks

The Midnight Film website has been updated with information on all people who played some kind of role in the film, including a name we all know very well: Beirial. In the Special Thanks section all companies and individuals who have made the work possible are thanked dearly, the last in each list is of major importance to us, since they thanked AtS.org and all the Midnight fans!

If you are in any of those lists, congratulations to you, don't forget to share some of your own impressions with us here on the boards.

13 Oct 2006 - Another Midnight Chronicles Update: High Res Trailer and Making of

The Midnight Film website has been updated some days ago, the first update is a High Resolution version of the trailer we have already seen there, big enough to fill your whole screen this one is 123Mb large and can be downloaded directly from here (right click and save as if you want to save a copy in your PC).

The second update is a Making of, supposedly the first of many to come, in it you will see Christian T. Petersen, director and producer of the film discuss the birth of FFg, how Landroval came to be and why Midnight was chosen among the world of FFG to be taken to the screen. While Christian talks you will see scenes of the film being made, a few of the locations and how some of the art for it ahs been made, both digitally and manually. The file is about 60Mb large and can be directly downloaded from here.

If you want to see something specific in one of the coming episodes of the making of, drop by this thread on FFG boards and let them know, for the staff is listening and may answer your prayers to the dark lord.

06 Oct 2006 - Midnight Film Update: Crew

The Midnight Film website has been updte with information on the Crew working or that worked on the film, if you know someone in the list or i yourself there, leave a note/ comment on this news item.

As always, we hope this work coms out more than satisfying, so the Shadow spreads.
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