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Against the Shadow

14 May 2010 - Resistance theme for AtS

Edit by nifelhein: Dain sprang it so I am opening the doors, the theme is more than ready to be used by everyone and is a complete opposite to the dark theme we are all used to, check the themebox on your left menu or pick theme options on your profile.

Just discovered that the theme was available but didn't find any announcement.
Just curious how many people use it Tongue, not just because I made this theme a while ago. Well, maybe yes...  Roll Eyes

30 Dec 2009 - Happy New Year!

I won't be in town for the new year, thought I would drop by and say to everyone how happy I am to have this site still going, this place means a lot to me, even if I don't hang around as much as I used to, in any case, I wish everyone a happy new year, that 2010 comes with good news for both Midnight and us all.

As a minor news item, I got engaged yesterday.  Grin

25 Nov 2009 - Do you wave?

So, the new vibe seems to be googlewave, lots of blogs speaking of it, many people wanting to see how it works, and many of the rpg community seem to be seeking to use it to play some game.

Things is I have quite a few invites on my googlewave account right now and want to share at least 5 of those with members of the AtS community, since I haven't been around that much to throw them at people whoa have been storming the site with good stuff,  I am thinking about the following lines:

Post a new piece of coolness related to Midnight on this thread, it can be a new nexus, city, faction, NPC, adventure hook, for those who like crunch, I am going to have to say that a well developed covenant item story counts more than the actual powers, same goes for an NPCs backstory or a monster description/backstory.

If you don't want to add that kind of awesomeness you can instead propose a new Midnight game to be played through wave. Post a little campaign brief, present your idea and try to entice others, to be able to run against the other stuff I require at least 3 players to sign to your game in this thread, as an end result both you and those 3 players might get an invite if you are chosen.

The only restriction to the games is that anyone from AtS that wants to follow it must be invited to the In Character thread, myself included.

Let the games begin!

25 Nov 2009 - Midnight PDFs and more!

Drivethrurpg once again has the Midnight books PDFs available for purchase, the prices are really lower now, there are some additions: Fury of Shadow, Destiny and Shadow and Honor and Shadow are available there right now. And finally some are missing: Against the Shadow and Midnight 1st Edition Corebook.

Additionally Dawnforge, Fireborn and Dargonstar are there as well.

There is also one teaser in their newsletter saying

And keep an eye out for even more surprises from the FFG house, including some of the most hotly awaited PDFs in years!

What would that PDF be? And what are the other surprises? Rumormill is now open!

24 Oct 2009 - Midnight Chronicles DVD on Wizards website!

Midnight Chronicles DVD is featured on the Wizards of the Coast website, including a talk about the 4th edition adventure set in the campaign setting.

This proves Midnight is far from dead and makes us believe that it might end up being released under the 4th edition banner.

Assemble ats!
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