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Against the Shadow

25 Jun 2017 - Downloads section still out but files are in dropbox now

Hello everyone and sorry for the long delay in providing some fix for this issue.

The downloads section was broke at some point in 2016 due to a site software update while I have yet to fix the issue (but haven't given up) I have setup a dropbox location for them.

You can get all the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jb3csx0vj2s6jtg/AAB8yX-Lo-m9WZhcuO6oomqga?dl=0

You can share the link around, it will be kept up and working until I can fix the downloads section.

30 Oct 2012 - Look who's back (on FFG site)

I wasn't even looking for it... I wanted to re-look at some Warhammer material.

The "new" addition

I'm not going to read too much into it, but...


09 Mar 2012 - An Act of Betrayal - An entry level adventure for use with Steel Hill

After some prodding from the board, I dug out an old paper copy of an entry level adventure that I had written for release shortly after Forge of Shadow was supposed to be published. After much editing and retyping (the electronic copy was long lost), I've posted it in the downloads section for your use. Unfortunately Shadowfane's graphics were not restorable and there are no images except for the map of Steel Hill. Enjoy.


29 Apr 2011 - Userbase cleanup

I am using a spam prevention mod that also allows me to check users already registered, this means I am going through all registered user accounts in search of registered spammers to clean it all up, the criteria is simple: check a database, if the username, ip, mail or display name are in it, it marks them as possible spammers.

If only the username or IP coincides I might not delete it, but if two or more do then I am removing the account entirely. What does that mean?

If your account was removed or you are a lurker and don't want  that to ever happen to you, then i advise you to post at least once in the forum, since users with posts are checked for them before being removed.

As of now, I removed more than 100 users from the site. Wink

28 Apr 2011 - Guess what happened


Seems the latest version of the software still suffers from teh very same vulnerability the other version had, as a result the very same hacker visited us yesterday and left a message: "in one week if the vulnerability stands I will remove all files".

He only changed the index files to show he could do it, which is kinda nice considering everything, but just to be safe i deleted the entire folders structure and flashed back a clean backup copy I had from before reinstalling tinyportal (the articles / downloads / frontpage software).

I have installed and started configuring an alternative to what we had, but since I am not happy with the configuration yet I have not enabled it for everyone to see, meanwhile we are back to safe and stable forums.

I won't give up, I refuse to give up.

May the Shadow never hack us down,

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